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You won’t believe how this guy got back at his cheating girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

We know well that there are not many things better than getting back at your cheating boyfriend/girlfriend. And the more creative these people get with their revenge, the better for us!


It is a known fact that, on Valentine’s Day, couples manage to get the internet clogged. However, when youngster Kyle Boggess found out that his girlfriend had been cheating on him for quite some time, he realized that just bursting up in rage and breaking up with her wasn’t fair enough, so he planned a very simple but excellent revenge which had to take place on February 14th, the perfect day to amuse ourselves with some internet fun amongst all the romantic crap.

Kyle takes his girlfriend home in for her gift, and decides to record the whole thing as a “romantic gesture”. He blindfolds her before bringing her inside his room and revealing the present he had bought her: a stuffed elephant in the middle of a floor covered in rose petals.

cheat 2

To her surprise and delight, he says he has another present, and asks her to put the blindfold on once again. This time, the gift is not as pretty: he hands her a card, and she notices it was a bunch of screenshots of her cheating on him, printed in paper (He was smart enough not to hand her his iPad at that moment).

While the girl is in shock, trying to react, he doesn’t give her a chance: he breaks up with her and follows with the knock-out move “get the hell out of my house”. Try to top that comeback.

Kyle uploaded the scene to the internet and became very popular shortly. Sadly, the video seems to have been removed off YouTube for “violating Youtube’s policy on harassment and bullying”. Ironically, though, since we know who the real bully is in this scenario.

We were lucky enough to get this hilarious comment from the video written by an old fella before it was deleted.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.40.51

So, before you go cheating on your other half, try to imagine how creative they can get if they manage to find out about your dirty deeds. You don’t wanna end up humiliated all over the internet while your friends post their romantic moments on next year’s Valentine.


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