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Woman intervenes in school fight and slap a black kid in the face..

It’s very sad when we come up with this kind of news, I said before, why we still have to fight for equal rights? Racism stills living in most of Americans and make the things so difficult. This culture of discrimination and prejudice is considered a sick one to me. I’m in shock yet. It’s not worth that you see a news and open your mouth, get impressed, and just keep rolling down and nothing else happens. Maybe you think that your opinion doesn’t make any difference, but isn’t true.



I’m sorry if you notice an angry writer right here. I’m “black” my family is white and this kind of racism would never cross our mind. You may think “It’s your family, they won’t be against you with racism”. Well, that’s not true, as I said before, racism is a strong root stuck on the American culture and it’s very problematic, in the story that we’ll see we can clearly notice that this hate is transmitted to the children. If that’s not true, how can we explain the fact that a kid just hate another one and beat him just because he is black? They also know the N-word as a way to call them disrespectfully… Such a shame is see this kid make hate decisions just because his parents, the racism is something learned.



The story we have today is about a video circulating on the web, where we can see a fight between two boys, a white one and a black one, a woman trying to separate the fight and finally, the mother of the white boy, indentified as Heather Lynn Sebra. This woman just grab the black kid by his arm and yell him just before slap him in the face with her whole open hand. “You are not gonna call my son a n*ger, do you understand me?” Sebra can be heard yelling in the video.


John Thomas, the black teen on the video: “I saw her hand come down, then she hit my face and then she said, ‘He will not call my son the n-word,’” the teen said alleging he never use that word. Nicole Thomas, the mother of John is furious and obviously disgusting with the situation. “Chastising him for something that he repeatedly said he didn’t say; how dare you?. To abuse, berate, belittle, intimidate and physically attack someone is disgusting. I think it needs to be addressed and think people need to be punished for it and held accountable.” she said.


Heather Lynn Sebra is facing now charges of assault and a protective order against her.



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