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When it’s really over: Justin Bieber broke up with Selena Gomez with after Instagram scandal.

Finding that special someone, the significant other, and begin a relationship with him or her is like finding water in the desert. It is a blessing to be truly grateful. It is a joy which fills up everything with meaning, beauty and happy moments. But like a trip to Disneyland: it has a beginning, also has an end. Sad, very, very sad, but true.



When the end arrives, when that special someone leaves you behind and you start to feel emptiness in all the places she used to fill with his or her exquisite way of being, when that terrible moment comes you start to think about a lot of things.


First of all you ask: “why?”, or more specific “why me?”. You loved each other so much, both of you gave your heart to each other and tried so hard to make all things work. But one way or another you broke up. Then why? Why is that?


Sometimes love is not enough to make a relationship strong enough to prevail over time. Sometimes something more is required, something we are unable to see until it is too late. We don’t know all the answers and because of that, we gain knowledge by trial and error. Again, sad but true.
Then, we have to live with a broken heart for a while, with all those hard feelings. We cry missing our loved one in one moment, but at the other we feel disappointment, anger and maybe the need of getting revenge. Anyways, life always goes on.


For Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber it wasn’t easy either. They were so young when they began dating, and living together. Justin says that at some point, they fought too much because they can’t understand enough each other, because they lack the maturity to accept instead of judging. They were dating for about six years, but they were in and out of the relationship many times. So they finally broke up in a lousy way.


When Justin Bieber uploaded on Instagram some photos of her new crush Sofia Richie, some fans wrote to him messages full of hatred towards Sofia. Also Selena Gomez left her comment in response to that situation: basically, she said everything was his fault because he cheated.


Justin Bieber closed his Instagram account after the incident was growing and growing out of control. Later, Selena Gomez tried to apologize herself, but we don’t know if Justin Bieber is going to accept that apology.



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