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What would happen if you pretend to be gay and ask hot girls for a kiss? This guy did it. Find out what happened to him.

Think about it like a social experiment: if you were gay, do you think a girl would kiss you? It is said that most girls trust gay men, so what do you say?


This is Chris of the Youtube channel PrankInvasion. Everybody knows him because he did a lot of kiss pranks in the past. This time he went out to the streets to see what happened if he pretends to be gay and asks (very gorgeous) chicks for a kiss.



Chris just needed a furry vest, some feminine sunglasses and saying to these hot girls that they were “adorable”.


Look at her face: she is completely fascinated with him (also, she is extremely hot). Chris asks her to play a quick game and if he wins, she have to give him a quick kiss. It sounds quite innocent, isn’t it?



When she accepted the challenge, they started to play the “slap game”. If he is quick enough to slap her hands before she can put her hands away, he gets a kiss. All she have to do is being quicker. It seems to be she is concentrated, but she completely looses.



One second after they are making out wildly. It is the craziest kiss ever. He even grabs her butt over and over again as he wants.


OK, let’s think it was just luck. But it won’t happen again, right? Now he finds a mother, an incredible gorgeous one, but a mother with his child. She must not accept the game, but…



I can’t believe it! It can’t be happening again! And look,  she is totally into it! Gods must be insane…


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Third try. He found a mom with her daughter. She ask the mom to play the game, but if he wins, he gets a kiss from her daughter. It seems they think “he is gay, this is just for fun”.



Once again the slap game. The mom tries to concentrate… but she also lose the game. So…



She feels really uncomfortable with that long kiss…



A last one. I have faith in this one, she seems very smart. She can’t simply kiss him just because.




And then…  everything can happen…



We don’t know but some people say these are actors because it would be too good to be true. Believe it or not. It’s up to you.

Do you want to see this guy in action? Don’t miss the video here:




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