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Watch out where you put it: smartphone’s radiation aren’t safe for you

In these modern times we live, we are always connected. That is why we use smartphones, because we have everything we want for comunicating in just one tool. From email to SMS, from videocalls to hangouts, in few seconds you can connect with anybody around the world. Sound wonderful, is not it?



But not everything is good news for us. Smartphones also cause some troubles we have to worry about. Especially if you care for your health. Medics says there are good reasons to keep these technology wonders away from us.


This is a list of eight factors you must consider when carrying smartphones with you:


1) Putting cell phones in the chest area


Chest are a fragile area for women. When you keep your smartphone too close to your chest, you are exposing yourself to dangerous radiation which can inflict cancer, especially cancer. To reduce the risk of cancer you must keep your cell phone away from your chest area and away of your reproductive system as well.



2) If you are men and you slip your cell phone on your pants pockets, you are also on danger.


Not only because you are making more probable to develop diseases like cancer, but also because smartphone radiation affects the quality and quantity of your semen. It is a good idea to keep you cell phone away from you reproductive area, because it will not work properly.


3) This is destroying your nerves

reason-why-you-must-not-keep-smartphones-in-bras-or-pockets3Smartphone on your pant’s pocket will produce radiation which can alter you sciatic nerve. In short/medium term, this will affect you producing pain in your legs and your backside. Be carefull!



4) The unwanted calling


Over 30% of emergency calls in income to San Francisco are not true emergencies. They are the result of accidental pocket dialing. This is one reason to not keep your phone on your pockets.



5) Oops! You have not noticed it until you break it


When you keep your smartphone on your back pockets, you may seat on it and break the screen. Or even worse, you may accidentally drop it on toilet. One way or another, this is not good for you phone either.


6) They are called “microwaves” for a reason.


Your smartphone uses some microwaves which can inflict burn injuries. Take care.



7) Also your mental health is in danger.


The radiation coming from your cell phone can transform your brain’s metabolism. It can cause depression or confusion



8) You won’t sleep.


Your smartphone may interfere with you sleeping patterns.





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