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Trump and his morals: why you should stay away from him!!

Nowadays, he is in everybody’s mind: reality show star, real estate mogul, entrepreneur, running for president in 2016. But, does everybody know about the not-so-shiny moments of his life? Have are some of Trump’s bad moves to the date.


Atlantic City and his bad luck

Since he has declared Bankruptcy four times for his hotel and casino properties in Atlantic, this could be called the worst city for Trump investing. From 1991 to 2009, Trump’s Taj Mahal, Plaza Hotel, Hotels and Casino Resorts and, Entertainment Resorts, gone broke.


Trump Entrepreneur Initiative

Formerly known as Trump University, this institution offers courses on Trump’s business secrets, allegedly. Obviously, it takes money to make the trick, with prices between $ 1,500 and $ 35,000. Pretty much like Scientology, the more you pay, the more secrets are told to you. Although, multiple students have felt their money gone without any special formation given. They have sued Trump, claiming all they got were books, found in libraries and not much of guidance. A judge determined in 2015 that Trump was personally responsible and so the lawsuit passed to trial.


Trump’s (unpaid) planes, resorts and Towers

Eastern Airlines was in trouble back in 1988, so Donald took his chance and bought the company. His solution for the financial problems of the company was to raise the tickets’ price; he claimed the new price had it support in the new luxuries the planes had: chromed seatbelts latches, maple wood floors and golden toilets (how fancy!). These extra elegant features were paid with $ 380 m, a loan from 22 banks who never saw a cent back from their investment; they took possession of the airline after the default, but couldn’t find anyone to buy the planes.

Amongst other unpaid loans he has the Trump Ocean Resort Baja, where he disappeared $ 32 million, and the Deutsche Bank, from which he borrowed $ 640 million to never pay back.


Xenophobia, Hypocrisy, and racism

Known for his xenophobic comments during his campaign – like Mexicans stealing jobs, and introducing drug dealing and rape with them –, he have also made other statements against China, accusing the Asian giant of ruining the USA economy, as well as stealing jobs; what he doesn’t talk about is where his ties collection sold in Macy´s, and his suit collection come from: China and Mexico, respectively.

Besides, in 1973, he was accused of discriminating black people from renting his properties, and sued by the Justice Department. The case settled off the court and now he talks about how good he handles it with “the blacks”.


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