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This is what happen when you have a few drinks and then you get excited..

When people get drunk, do things they would not do in their right mind, hoping not to make a bad impression among those around them. People do not like to look like fools, but sometimes it is inevitable the things get out of control and there is excess intake of alcohol, which puts friends into wild situations.



People throwing up everywhere, people trying to jump through the bonfires, throwing balconies and beating the walls, ruining carpets, breaking glasses and bottles on the floor, undressing in front of everyone and getting excited, are just one of the few things you can see at a meeting where everyone is drunk.


In this kind of moments, having a camera mays you feel the power to destroy lives, especially if the photos you take become viral on Internet, as has happened with Todd Fisher’s urban-erotic punk photographs.

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The artist has captured “high” activity after alcohol and drugs manifested in young people who go to clubs and alleys of New York City to meeting themselves. The series, although recent data, was conducted with a 35 mm camera to give images a striking vintage tone. Anyone could think they are nineties pictures, but they are recent.


Fisher remembers: “The first (photographs) I take was photographs from a couple that was having dinner; I thought it was funny what they were doing at the table of a restaurant. I did not think immediately make a series, but I liked the photo, and I began to notice and find these situations everywhere. It was later, after taking a few pictures that I really liked, when the idea for a series came to me”.


Who hasnt been made a fool at a party because of a hangover? In the end, we all had our embarrassing moments in life, moments we would like to forget or eradicate from our past, which is impossible for now.


The biography of Todd Fisher is unknown because Internet cannot get a lot of information about it, but we can ensure he has a fascination for exposing people in uncomfortable situations. So you know, the best you can do is regulate alcohol intake when you find yourself partying with friends, or may be someone out there with a camera who makes you famous in the worst way possible.



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