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This Guy shouldn’t have posted a picture with a bunch of cash on Snapchat

Social media has grown incredibly in the last few years, and it has evolved into so many forms that we feel very tempted to share everything we can with the people around us however we can. Despite this, we must be cautious of what we post on these sites, since we don’t know who might be watching us, even if our accounts are private.


There is a perfect example for why you should watch what you post: an 18-year old guy living in Sugar Pine Drive, West Boca, Florida, posted a picture of himself with 280$ in cash in Snapchat, the self-deleting picture sharing social network.

Only a few hours later, he heard a noise nearby but he thought it was his house cleaner. However, it was actually two guys wearing masks that broke into his house and held a knife to his neck, asking for the cash he had posted. He handed the money, his watch and his wallet.

He was very lucky that a police officer noticed the BMW the robbers travelled in speeding away, and managed to get its number-plate. Besides, a neighbor who was walking her dog the moment the two men were leaving the crime scene was there to testify.Guess what happened to the guy who posted a picture of himself with loads of cash on Snapchat

The young victim admitted he didn’t tell anything to the police for fear of retaliation,
but he still reconsidered and went for help the next day, confessing to the officers he recognized the voice of 21-year old Faried Said. A few days later, the number-plate of Said was confirmed and he was arrested. He faces burglary and armed robbery charges.

This story should be a warning for all those thinking it might be cool to just post every single valuable thing we possess in our home or may have gotten our hands into. It is no doubt tempting and fun, but remember: there is a dangerous world out there (with a bunch of crazy people I must add), so be wary of what you post on these media. You don’t know who is watching and what their intentions are.


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