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This Girl gets a Sweet Revenge on her Cheating Ex-Boyfriend

We have all had that ex who made us crave for revenge for any reason, particularly if they were unfaithful. This girl, however, went through with one of the sweetest and most elaborated plans to get revenge on her cheating former boyfriend, and she did it only by unblocking him every Sunday.


The story, published by the Ex himself on Reddit, became popular and was even trending very recently. It begins with him admitting his jealousy issues in the long distance relationship he had for over a year, so he decided to go “butter another girl’s muffin”. However, it didn’t take long until she found out about this, and soon after that she managed a way to get back at him.

After blocking every type of communications they had, she remembered that she had transformed him into a hardcore Game of Thrones fan. So after finding out that, since he lived abroad, he couldn’t watch the episodes as soon as they aired, the perfect plan for revenge seemed to have landed gracefully on her hands.

So, right after season 6 premiere, he got a Whatsapp message from her. Thinking she had forgiven him and that he could finally get her back, what she actually wrote was every single spoiler from the episode he had been waiting to watch!

However, the story just began that week, because she blocked him as soon as she spoiled that episode and waited all week to unblock him again and spoil the second. Despite he managed to block her, she still got to him through Facebook and text messages. Even if he could block her in every way he could, he didn’t count on their former mutual friends (who turned on the girl’s side, after knowing what he did), to get their hands dirty for her and spoil him the rest of the season.

Maybe you were expecting a more brutal revenge, like the girl ruining his car or embarrassing him to death. But worse than a knockout punch to the head like these examples is the ongoing and endless torture this guy claimed to have experienced.

So this can be a warning sign for all guys out there who plan to cheat on their girlfriends: if you’re going through with it, at least make sure she doesn’t know which your favorite series are.

Here is the whole post, which was recently deleted from Reddit.


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