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This dance about break-ups is totally accurate and heartbreaking!

If you have lived enough, then you surely have experienced the pain of breaking up. Knowing that you are getting apart of someone you love is an undesirable feeling; and you can add to that that perhaps the reasons that make you do that are also heartbreaking, like cheating, violence against each other, or simply running out of love.


Anything said about the topic could be long enough to fill a book and still not completely explained. However, arts are really helpful when it comes to expressing the soul’s intentions. Paintings, poems, theater plays, songs and dancing have all represented many times this suffering stage of life.FormatFactorymaxresdefault

The dance is one of the most complete experiences, because it can integrate both music and choreography to get into the viewer’s mind. This time, a beautiful video directed by Tim Milgram has depicted very well the breaking up.

The film, titled “A break up story”, shows Chaz Buzam and Courtney Schwartz moving their bodies with passion and grieve, to the choreography work of Talia Flavia.

It works as a music video for James Bay’s song “Let It Go”; that same song gave James three nominations on 2016 Grammy Awards, so you can imagine how intense its lyrics and music can be, in case you haven’t heard it yet.maxresdefault (1)

On it you can see how Courtney and Chaz, who is one of Madonna’s principal dancers, get involved in a complicated situation; they do not just dance, but also express the couple’s feelings using their faces and ways.

As the songs goes by, they make it through the steps of their separation: painful disconnection, the denial of the other’s needs and the rage directed with no apparent reason; splitting and getting back together just to hurt each other again. The final sequences show the void that is left after they are finally separated.FormatFactory1280x720-ayP

Almost in the end, she follows him as he walks from her. Courtney tries to take his hand and get him back, but it is not happening: he releases himself and they both stay quiet and still. All is over and only sadness and acceptance are left.this-dance-tells-a-breakup-story-in-the-most-beau-2-2846-1443636585-1_big

In case you finished watching it and felt a bit mentally sore, the rest of the video includes the bloopers and the dancers in a more relaxed attitude.

This video has achieved more than 5,6 million views since it was released back in 2015 and is one of the most breathtaking performances on breaking up to this date.


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