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This baby does weird stuff while sleeping: check the video

What happens while we are dreaming, the mystery of dreaming, have been fascinating subjects for mankind for many centuries. Not only Freud or the modern psychologists have studied the mind at deepest levels, because some authors, as Pythagoras and Aristotle, wrote treatises on that matter many centuries before Christ.



Ancient thinkers believed that when someone is dreaming, his soul would go out of the body for a trip that last the entire night. That’s why dreams are so real, because the soul had “experienced” the journey despite the body keeps in the same place. Soul’s journeys were a way to know some absolute truth which lies within our minds. Dreaming was a sacred act, a connection with the gods.


For modern psychologist, dreaming is a kind of paradox. Dreaming is a path for knowing what happens in subconscious mind. Psychoanalytical professionals like to analyze dreams for understand what is the state of mind of the patient. Other professionals think that hypnosis recreates at some stage the state of mind we have while we dream. And using hypnosis they can achieve amazing things.



They say a subject hypnotized is obedient like a dog. Psychologist would say to a hypnotized man to go outside and act like a monkey and the hypnotized guy may do it at once. Incredible, is not it? On the other hand, some people do weird things while they are sleeping (without being hypnotized). Some people talk, others walk (sleepwalking is a very famous condition), and so on. These facts make us think that the brain works as a subtle machine, but at the end it stills being a machine.



Let’s see an example of this. Gabriel Moore is a father of an innocent baby. And, like all babies, he does a lot of funny things without intention, because he is just learning how to control his body. And that is ok to see the baby doing baby stuff when is awake, but when he is sleeping… is quite weird, but still funny.



One night, Gabriel and his wife were checking on their son when they realize he had one arm up in the air. He seemed deeply asleep but he had one arm in the air like he was doing something with it. Gabriel decided to help his baby to softly put his arm down where it has to be. They recorded what happened in this video. You can’t miss it:



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