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This ANNOYING passenger recorded her Uber driver yelling at her and it backfired

Getting on a stranger’s car for a ride can be a little scary thing to do. This is the base of the Uber service, where you contact someone to pick you up, drive in their car to your destination and then you leave.


However, this is not only a tense situation for the passenger that jumps in somebody’s car, but also for the driver, who is allowing a complete stranger to get in their car; there is plenty of videos where the passenger is a total idiot and gets in the car too drunk, high or is mean. There is even a video of a man stopping his car because the passenger was drug dealing on the backseat!

Some people record their drives as they do some pranks, like pretending some of the situations named before. In this case, is it unclear if the passenger, who was a girl with a really annoying voice, was trying to play a joke or if she was really asking the driver, a man of a certain age, to drive her to an emergency room.

The problem is that the location set as destination by the girl was exactly where they were parked. The man requested the young woman to get out of his car, and she refused, claiming that she wanted to be left at the emergency room.

The woman started recording the conversation with the man, and the driver was really upset about her behavior. The driver said that she said that she was in a hurry and needed to be taken to the hospital, but when they arrived she was acting like a total stupid, saying things like she did not know where she was or where her destination was.

The driver yells at the girl, who is recording everything and telling how rude he is with her and how educated she is. If she was so educated, maybe she could find a way to walk a few feet and find the ER door, which could not be so far away from the hospital main door, which is probably where he was trying to leave her.

The girl uploaded her video to her YouTube channel. Although she titled it in a way that talks bad about the driver, the viewers immediately recognized she was the one acting wrong, like a total idiot. Almost every person who watched the video agrees on one thing: the girl is a moron, just like the driver said.



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