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Things every dad says. Isn’t this true??

No matter how hard you try to make them cool, fathers will be fathers, and so they have some responsibilities to fulfill. Apparently there is a clause on their contract which forces them to say certain things to you. How many have you been told?


“When I was your age I was…

Studying, making money, doing home chores, taking care of the elder, building my dad a shrine, and also I was an astronaut” Anything you are not doing goes on the list. Seems like your dad had much more time than you, or a less competitive work market, so he could experience a lot and make you look – and feel – like an useless sack of potatoes.


“Why do you need all that money?”

It doesn’t matter if you ask for $10 or only $1, your father will consider it way too much. You might have to beg a little for it or wash his car to get some cash. And he is going to ask for the change, so you should make your petition for more than it will cost, so you can give him some money back and look a little less expensive.

“Arrive early, maybe 10 o’clock”

How are you supposed to have a nice night out, arriving at 10, is none of their businesses. They surely forgot arriving home for breakfast after a party – but don’t remind them, unless you want a shoe flying towards you.

 “Get off that phone!”

Every time you get your phone in your hand, that awful sound is coming from his mouth. It is the same whether if you are relaxing from a long day or have just finished studying, even if you are receiving birthday congratulations. Not only that, they also blame your cell phone for everything bad that happens to you.


“Change your clothes, indecent”

It doesn’t matter is you are dressed with clothes they bought for your, or even if you look like a pilgrim from the past century, your first outfit is going to be indecent to your father’s eyes, so you might want to have a second one ready in your room (leave the best choice for the second, because they only judge once)

“Ask mom”


Every dad’s ultimate “no”. This is something you might hear whenever you think you are going to get away with your request. Their last resort whenever they want to stop you from doing anything.


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