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These are The Best iPhone Tricks & Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier.

Since the very beginning of the iPhone back in June of 2007, the every moving smartphone industry has never stopped innovating in order to win the never-ending smartphone war among Android and Apple (Let’s be honest, Blackberry’s RIM already died.)


Apple’s developers have added so many new fancy things to the new operative system. There are a lot of fixes we all have been asking for years. In fact, the new features that apple brag about the new OS might even persuade an android convert to join the Apple side.


Now let’s see the best 16 iPhone Tricks and Tips we have brought to you:

Taking a bunch of pictures at once


This fancy feature allows you to take multiple pictures in a short period of time. By holding the capture button, your device will star taking pictures really fast until you stop pressing the capture button. Giving you a lot of pictures to pick up. Choosing the right picture has never been as easy as now.

Shaking your iPhone to correct a mistake


Apple never stops amusing us with their features. This time correcting typing mistakes have never been so funny. Imagine you are writing an e-mail and you made a mistake on a couple of words, just shake your phone and a new window will appear, showing several options, Undo, Undo Typing and Cancel.

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Adding a dot at the endo of a sentence by double tapping space bar


By doing this you will save a lot of time when writing. This allows you to write a period without switching to the punctuator keyboard. This terrific peculiarity can make a different between an informal chat and a politer talk with your boss.

Taking selfies by pressing volume down button


Let’s be honest about, when taking those fantastic selfies that we like to post on our Facebook profile and Instagram can be hard because of tactile screen button. Fortunately for us iPhone has this great feature about taking selfies, just press the volume down button to trigger a picture. This work the earphone’s volume down button as well.

Timestamps for your text messages on your iPhone


Just like WhatsApp, slide your finger over the main message area from right to left to show timestamps. Now it is possible to see when a message has come and know when you sent that message to the other person.

Multiuse Tool thanks to Apps. You can use your iPhone as a level.


When you need to make sure you are hanging up a picture on the wall you can turn your iPhone into a level. Just wipe left in the compass app.

So habing these things in mid as you are aware of the fancy stuff your iPhone can do.


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