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The new Netflix series “Narcos” is about the sprouting of cocaine trafficking from Colombia in the 80s, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria who was at the beginning of the story a recognized dealer of merchandise in the Colombian province of Antioquia he and his cousin Gustavo Gaviria achieved a reputation within the city of Medellin Escobar made hired murderer, thief of car, his criminal career began with the purchase of stolen items and contraband on a small scale until it was introduced in traffic of marijuana and finally in cocaine.



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Escobar in 1974 undertook the creation of a business production and distribution of cocaine which would grow over time into a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking. The Medellin Cartel with Pablo Escobar as a leader started their activities by 1976 the same year Escobar was arrested with 19 kilos of cocaine although his case was dismissed, after the death of a prominent presidential candidate named Luis Carlos Galan, Escobar agreed to surrender to justice in exchange for not extradite him President Cesar Gaviria sent him to the jail La Catedral but later became one of the embarrassments worst of the Colombian justice system to proved that the jail was full of luxury like all estates of Escobar and also he continued to commit crimes from inside jail, when everything was revealed police officials decided to move him to a public jail which was a mistake because Escobar had knowledge of the plan and escapes from jail before the transfer.


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This was the “cell” of Pablo.

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Escobar refused to remain anonymous and thus assuming the role of man of the people he financed development plans for the suburbs of Medellin as well raised a neighborhood for disinherited called “Medellin without Slums” or the neighborhood of Pablo Escobar a residential with 780 single-family homes built with destiny to the needy people that enabled him to get the votes that made him deputy for mayor in Medellin.


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Finally during the presidency of Cesar Gaviria the constitution of 1991 in which was prohibited the extradition of Colombian citizens, the inclusion of this standard bothered the United States it was approved to supposed guarantee maximum legal level and gave rise to Escobar and other members of the Medellin cartel as the Ochoa brothers to decides surrender to the Colombian justice system.

This new phase also affected the family of the drug lord as it was the target of violent actions of the group calling itself Los Pepes, who began a campaign of attacks against properties, family members, lawyers and associates of the Drug Dealer, in this wave of attacks fell several of the men trusted Escobar, his family began a diaspora in which they tried to find a nation that would receive them as political refugees. The government of Cesar Gaviria meanwhile offered great rewards for any information about the whereabouts of Pablo for more than a year he managed to evade capture until finally on December 2, 1993 just turned 44 years he was killed by 15 policemen of “Block Search” (group specially formed for capture him) on the roof of his house in Las Americas neighborhood in Medellin after being located by making a few calls to his family.

It is said that Escobar received the shot in the back, legs and in one ear, but the family is not convinced that his death was due to the shooting of the police, Escobar said that if they found him, he would kill himself he was not going to let anyone kill him.

After being chased for so long he always said if he were cornered at some time without finding a way out he would give himself a shot of an ear.


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