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The teacher who slept with her student is trying a CRAZY defense

The case of the Iowa teacher who got arrested for having an illegal relationship with a boy from school has been much known in all the United States and the world.
screen-shot-2016-07-27-at-1-29-33-pmThis is not the first case of passionate relationships between students and teachers that end in bad terms – and with bad terms I mean “jail” – but the case against the teacher is not closed yet and the story still has details to be told.


Mary Beth Haglin, the teacher who was arrested in July for having relationships with one of her students, made a crazy movement to build her defense. In spite of the possibility of taking the fifth and letting someone who knows about laws to do their job, she spoke for herself with a not so brilliant statement.6666665303247250455

The woman, who is 24 years old, claims that she is the real victim in this case, since it was the boy who first looked for the approach.

She tells that he would write flirting texts on sticky notes during class, and stick them on her desk when he was leaving the classroom after class. The student, which is 17 years old, wrote things such as “I love you so much, my empress” and would do some awful citations to The Graduate, calling her “Mrs. Robinson” just like in the famous movie and novel.

One thing leaded to another and she could not resist his charm. They would met several times in her car at the park, where they would have intimacy but also would spend time just talking and sharing.

However, it was not a simple talk they were having when they were found. The couple was caught in flagrante having relationships in the back seat of her car. She was arrested and is waiting for her trial.mary37

It is uncertain if this story will get the judge and the jury’s approval and she will be released of her charges. The prosecutor is aiming to give her two years in jail, and for her to be listed as a offender for ten years!

This thing of making herself the victim is not a good idea, because she is the “responsible adult” in this case and she is supposed to be mature and to know the consequences of her acts, but it will be decided in the court. Her trial will be starting on November 14th and everything points that she is not going to get so easily out of this.descarga


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