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The oldest people on Earth reveal their secrets…

Although dying is a unavoidable part of life (at least for now) there are plenty of efforts on finding a way to preserve life for as long as it is possible, leading scientists and others into fascinating researches and experiments. It is even said that the first person to reach two hundred years was already born!


Even if human beings have a lifespan much longer than the most of animals, there are not many of us that have made it past a hundred years. It is said that there is only 300.000 currently, and no more than 500 of them have passed the 110 years old.1613894_312040178944878_8146925522041083546_n

These people are frequently asked about what are the secrets for a long life. Whether they are changes in the modern life style or simply a different way of thinking, their answers are always surprising.

Jeanne Calment was a French woman who was born on February 1875, and lived until 1997, making her the oldest woman and person to have ever lived. She was a healthy elder, even when she would smoke two cigarettes daily for as long as 99 years (from 21 to 120). jeannecalmentaged40

However, her advice for people who want to reach a century was tasty and luxurious: big amounts of olive oil, which she would add to all her meals and also rub on her skin, and at least a kilogram of chocolate each week.jeanne-calment-2

Jiroemon Kimura, a Japanese man who is recognized as the oldest man to have ever lived was also the oldest living person at the moment of his death in 2013. Kimura lived for a total of 116 years and 54 days, and his age was already left behind by five more women. For this man, the secret of a long and healthy life consisted of eating small portions of food.formatfactory1200x-1

Mahashta Murasi is a controversial case of people with long lifespans: the man born in India is allegedly 179 years old. This man would be living in Varanasi since 1903 and have lived decades beyond his sons and grandsons.2014oldman01

The man, who is said that blames death for forgetting him, has a weird advice for those who want to reach a high age. He affirms that the key to longevity is to “surrender to everything that happens”.

Although this man’s identity and existence is currently to be confirmed, that advice would come in handy these days, when everyone is so worried and stressed about life, that they forget to live. Are you taking it?


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