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The impact of being The President of the most powerful Nation

Do you remember when you were a kid and seen a very correctly man at the TV speaking of thing that we did not understand back then, but you see that everyone paid attention to him, so you thought, who is this man? And why everybody is paying so much attention to him and no to me right now? So you ask who is he? And the answer… well he is the president of the United States of America, he is the man who leads the nation. Then you grow up and you begin to understand why he is so important for the country.


We grow with our parents reminding us that we have the right to choose our leaders, to have freedom of expression, think intelligently and that our duty is to vote for the country that we want.

Today we show to this important gentlemen some respect
because having been in that place is not easy, listening to the people all the time with different opinions, travel all around the country and the world, and have been with a bunch of bodyguard cause you never know when a terrorist will show up to attack you, it is for sure nothing easy!

The president Barack Obama turned 55 years old and we can see in his last year of mandate how been a president elected and reelected it’s definitely a full time job that can take over your youth.


He is a very charming man who this year is saying goodbye to the presidency with a very satisfying 8 years of mandate. So today let’s go back a bit in time, and we will see the most outstanding presidents and their changes of the United States.

George Washington


Was elected the first President of the United States, held the position of Commander in the army during the war, the creation of the National State was his highest priority, which made him to be called “The Father of the Nation”, in 1796 George Washington retires from the position of president and pronounced that day his most famous presidential speech, “The Farewell Speech”, this famous speech described the most important political values of the nation, and is one of the most influential documents in history of the United States.

Abraham Lincoln


One of the most beloved President of the United States, his top priority during his mandate was to end slavery he was a very honest person so he was named “Honest Abe” famous for telling stories and know to call the attention of listeners, was pitifully the first president to die assassinated by the actor John Wilkes Booth friend of the rebels and slavery.

John F Kennedy


Coming from a large family, wealthy and ambitious for political John was always interested in politics, was an excellent student during his youth in private schools, studied at Harvard and graduated with honors in Political Science, during his presidency was responsible for increase the minimum wage and improving social security benefits, he used his political power to support the career of Martin Luther King and enforce human rights. Kennedy was killed by multiple gunshots while riding in the presidential carriage in the Plaza Delay. It was the fourth president who died for murder.


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