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The funniest wrong numbered messages comebacks EVER

Since there are a lot of people who use caller ID services in their houses these days, it is not easy to do prank calls and get away with it. The risk of getting caught and letting someone else know your number is too high to take it.


Receiving a call or a text from someone who got a wrong number can be confusing at first, but once you handle the situation, there is a lot of gold in those hills!formatfactory60475007

However, there is something you can do when someone else gets your phone number by accident. Check out these funny comebacks from people who got the wrong message

Mario was looking for a car for sale, and he found a nice advertisement on the newspaper. Everything was cool when he contacted the seller but thing went crazy and funny after receiving a cheesy wrong text from him!83503315

It is hard to know whether if the pregnancy new from this girl was a good or a bad new for the intended receiver, but the answer from this guy was totally cruel!images

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This dude was surely about to have a big party and asked his friend if he was ready for it. Somehow, it was sent to the wrong number and the sender apologized after realizing it. However, the receiver was lit up and wanted some action for the night! I wonder if he was invited after that.wrong-number-text-want-party

Someone was sending a crazy picture to a wrong number and got a funny remake of it as a response. It is very cool to get a picture of a girl groping a man’s breast instead of a text asking for an explanation and this dude got it!a03ee550f8b7cb5f49e28652cf63c97a

This man surely had some plans for the afternoon with a sweet girl; he sent her a tempting picture and a provoking text to see if he would get some action. Too bad all he got was a parody of his own picture and a “she gave you the wrong number” notification.df9f792c5e0d058314cc356c9017d02a

This is another one who sent a picture showing off a little and got nothing more than a mock of his own pose.83503328

Oh, this man is having a big worry in his mind after an unprotected night. He is so worried about not having a baby that he is begging that girl Lucy to go with him and take the next-day pill. She does not look much convinced and the reason is… she gave him a wrong number and some dudes were just trolling him.nd7a3xamefip077g



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