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The creativity of these beggars has no name

Not everyone has same luck in life and there are people whom life has not treated precisely well, people who have fallen into disfavor, due to defects or debts, and ended up living on the streets of cities, eating from garbage dumps, sleeping on park benches or using the meager government aid.


However, being a beggar does not mean losing the character, and you can prove it talking to a beggar and often they are educated and a good sense of humor people.

We have a collection of beggars’ images who get sense of humor to a higher-level will surely steal us a little smile at least:

1. We call our first beggar Mr. Lunch, which has enough power to convince you to invite him a full meal. Of course, u-buy.


2. Our second beggar is an entrepreneur we call “The body of rage”, he will let mercilessly insult by you. Use it to let off steam for only one dollar.


3. No doubt, our third beggar thinks president Obama has an unlimited checkbook.

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4. Asking for money on the street had never had such an ambitious goal, and our fifth beggar is very clear about it. Once you have entered bankruptcy, you cannot return to aim small things.


5. Eating is an art, but so it is looking for food, and that is why our fifth beggar is stubby, unlike the others, because he knows everything is in the message.


6. We insist, the secret is in the message, and if you do not think so, then throw a coin into our sixth beggar so you will finally understand.


7. What does a serious man make? Looks for a woman who supports him, and our seventh beggar not only has it very clear, he is not ashamed about telling it to public opinion. We will see if someone attends to his call.


8. Seriously, we have to say there are many injustices in the world, and women often can eject men simply because they are women, but it doesn’t matter. At least, is easy to adapt, we know it.


9. Food is not everything in life; you also need to take something to cheer you a little, like a beer.


10. We cannot say we will believe what this beggar says, but you have to give him credit for his creativity.


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