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The 15 Greatest Names for Weed Types

There is no doubt that marijuana has become increasingly popular all around the world for a long time now. This increase in popularity provides marijuana consumers with a vast variety of blends, and the people in charge of naming them have proven to be very creative with these fantastic names:



15 – Girl Scout Cookies: This seems like a good name to avoid getting caught, and its soft taste probably goes well with some cookies. It has been highly recommended for nausea, pain, and low appetite.

14 – Lucky Charms: Makes you wonder if it’s named after the cereal, or if you should try your luck with these. Also makes you think how much the people naming these get the munchies.

13 – Trainwreck: Maybe you should stay off the roads if you’re willing to try these bad boys, because it may get out of hand, so prepare for a strong high.

12 – Alaskan Thunderf**k: “An ounce of Alaskan Thunderf**k” sounds pretty hardcore, but it possesses a strong fruity taste that will definitely mellow you out.

11 – Skywalker OG: Its fuel-like smell might turn you off at first, but the high will probably get you in a Jedi mood, since it has been proven great for treating insomnia.

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10 – Kosher Kush: It is uncertain if this plant came out of the Jewish community indeed. Still, it’s definitely one of the strongest strains of marijuana you will ever encounter.

9 – Albino Rhino: Not only is this a rare mixture of the ganja plant as its name suggests, but also a powerful buzzer with the strength of a one-horned beast.

8 – White Girl OG: Some of the very best of California, this product was most likely targeted for the female suburban population, but it’s still quite suitable for boys as well.

7 – Obama Cush: This is the executive cush: top notch quality, smell and taste, tailor-made for the president himself. There is no evidence Mr. Obama has approved of this name, though.

6 – Bruce Banner: Despite common misconceptions, this weed will not transform you into a green giant and unleash your monster within. It is most likely, on the other hand, to chill you out and stimulate your appetite.

5 – Chocolope: A very curious blend between OG Chocolate Thai and well-known Cannalope Haze, there is no doubt you will be craving for a chocolate bar after tasting this beauty.

20 Of The Funniest Marijuana Names On The Market

4 – Charlie Sheen: There could be dozens of reasons why this type of marijuana was named after this man, and with such a name, you can expect nothing short of awesome from it.

3 – California Skunk: It is not necessary for me to describe the smell that emanates from this exotic plant, but just try to keep it some distance away from your nose.

2 – Zombie Kush: One of the strongest Indica plants known to mankind, it is guaranteed that smoking some of this will eat your brains out.

1 – Chernobyl: You better put on your seatbelts if you are on to this madness, and be prepared for a total meltdown!


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