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Teenager dies by a hickey!

An unfortunate but strange fact what happened in Mexico, a teenager named Julio Macias Gonzalez of Iztapalapa in Mexico City has died of a massive hickey or a love bite who was made by his girlfriend of 24 years old.


Julio had been with his girlfriend that day but when he got home something terrible happened, while he was having dinner with his family he suddenly began to feel very bad and also he began to have convulsions. When health services arrived at the house they could do nothing to save his life as it was too late.

A hickey or a love bite is produced when a person sucks in any area of the skin hard and it causes the ruptured of small blood vessels forming skin bruising they are generally harmless the skin returns to normal color is a few weeks but what happened to Julio was worse, apparently the girl was not content to make a strong hickey  but also she bit him in the same place this caused a blood clot that that ended in his brain and caused a stroke.


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These tragic facts make us think… This has happened before? Well yes… Because in 2011 a similar incident occurred in New Zealand, a woman of 44 years old was left partially paralyzed and then she had a stroke, doctors were very surprised when they discovered that the origin was a blood clot provided by a hickey.

Dr. Teddy Wu, said: “To my knowledge, it’s the first time someone has been hospitalised by a hickey.” It is an unfortunate fact. The girl responsible has not been present his whereabouts have been unknown since the day of the death of Julio, this situation must be very difficult for her, she never should imagine that her boyfriend would die by a “love” bite.

On the contrary Julio’s parents are very upset since they were never agree with the relationship of his 17 year old son and 24 year old girl by the age difference between them and they blame entirely to the girl of the death of his son Julio.

It is unfortunate that a boy of that age have died this way but this story is a warning to us you know now boys and girls a hickey or a “love” bite is not a gamble if you get to something extreme be careful and be responsible!



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