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Teenage girl scolded by her mother in PUBLIC for dating an older guy

Always listen to your mamma. When children stops being cute little kids and start growing up, things could get somewhat difficult, especially when they arrive the long-awaited teenage years. Kids stop being sweet and innocent, and get more rebellious and more hormone-driven, rushing to grow up as quickly as possible. Then the longing for a girlfriend or a boyfriend comes up, and there is nothing, or little, a parent could to control this aspect of their children’s lives. However, adults can always set good examples for them, and if they go to a wrong path, they sure can give them a lesson.



This YouTube viral sensation case shows how a mother loses her senses and goes crazy on her 14-year-old daughter, after she finds out she is dating with a 21-year-old boy. The mom was following the couple for a while, alongside her nephew, and finally decided to confront them. The mother is astonished with this, because she trusted her daughter was going to a dance class but we now see it was pretty obvious she was lying: and Mom is definitely not going to tolerate that. Indignantly and enraged, she starts screaming to the astonished boy: ‘Who are you?!, ‘How old are you?!’, ‘How old do you think she is?!’. That is the part when it gets better: apparently, the boy thought his lovely girlfriend was 18 as well.  Well, guess what? HELL NO! She is not 18! She is only 14! This got the mother even MORE upset and violence finally stroked in.

The woman grabs her daughter and starts hitting the teen over and over again in the middle of the street, front of everyone who was passing by! In the middle of the embarrassment, the girl asks to her cousin to stop filming, but he was too entertained and excited watching the show, so obviously he had to record it all. Just to keep it for the memories, you know. The reprimand finally ends when some cops decided to intervene. Hope she learned the lesson.


Soon later, the video was posted on the internet and has been viewed over 54,000 times until this moment. Watch the original and complete footage:


What do you think about this issue? Did the mom’s reaction went too far? Is it fair for the daughter to date with a guy 7 years older than her? Share your opinion and comment down below!


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