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Surveillance video shows how a millionaire’s ex-fiancé beats herself up

Any breakup is painful and difficult to everyone. Certainly, not many of them end in exactly friendly matters. Scott Mitchell and Mary Hunt were a couple of lovey dovey, sharing a 2 year-old relationship and even they were engaged. However, they broke their engagement and split up last summer when Mitchell accused her fiancé of stealing jewelry from the mansion they were living in. This included 99 three-diamond necklaces, 147 gold rings and 172 loose diamonds with a $2.1 million worth. That is quite a lot. To support the idea of this crime, Mitchell also saw in a surveillance footage how Hunt and her mother were mailing a package at a UPS store in Florida, while they probably were getting rid of the evidence. To justify their mischievous act, they told they were only trying to send a laptop and an antique plate to insurance, and they left it like that. Around a week later, Scott Mitchell told police he received a drunken call from his father-in-law, Michael Hunt, where he told him had delivered a box of jewels to his home on Virginia: bracelets, diamonds… Immediately, Mitchell ran to check his safe room and realized there were lots of jewelry missing. However, Michael Hunt told the police he did not say nor knew anything about a package and that he was drunk for several days. With this denial and the simple act of robbery and betrayal, a really angry Mitchell filed a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend and both of her parents, claiming the costs of recovery and damages of the stolen items, making that a total of $4 million.


However, few days before they were canceling the wedding and when she was kicked out of the mansion, 29 year-old Hunt broke out about being a domestic violence victim, claiming that Mitchell, 45, gave her black eyes and bruises. To support her statement, there is a video filmed on a smartphone where it shows Mitchell kicking her out of his home, tearing her clothes and being rude to her. Hunt accused him of assault, and he denied it. Soon later, there was a turn of events: Mitchell’s lawyer made public a surveillance footage that shows how Hunt attacking herself, exposing that his ex-girlfriend set up her domestic abuse story. You can watch the surveillance footage for yourself on the link down below:


Their legal battle just began to heat up and this ugly split could get even worse.


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