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Spot the real Kim! How many Kim Kardashians are there?

Being one of the most seen faces over the world must be really a self esteem lifter, one may think. Having a person that claims they look like you, must be a greater one. How many of us could say that? Maybe Kim Kardashian can… more than five times. The most famous of the K girls, as one of the biggest celebrities at the moment, is more than prone to raise admiration, and some admirers might even want to look like her.


Here are some of Kim’s living doubles, so you can think by yourself who is the most likely to be confused with KK.

Claire Leeson

Growing up bullied, called the “ugliest thing alive”, and requested to kill herself, is what she was used to. Until she saw Kim. She tells that she “thought she was so beautiful I really wanted to look like her”, so she has spent more than $30K (to the date), and many hours, in surgery rooms. Now she claims that she feels unstoppable and she is – even if not a perfect one– a K-lone.


Kamilla Osman

The Canadian fashion blogger got famous on December for her notable similitude with Kim. Although she said she didn’t need surgery to look like her, talking about having an Mid Eastern family line, she later admitted she have had a pair of it: her nose, due to a septum deviation which made breathing difficult, and her lips – which is already big part of Kim´s look –.


Sonia Ali

This beauty blogger is one of the most exacts matches with the celeb. She runs a business within the UK and the mid east with her sister Fyza, a makeup artist. She even mastered Kim’s nude colors phase


Claudia Sampedro

This model gained attention in 2015, when her sensual body and her black satin locks –not to mention she is also a mother – made everybody think of the same person: KK. No, she is not the reflection of Kanye’s wife, and everything depends on the angle, the lighting, and the accessories used, but, hey, can you tell who is the real Kim?


Lilit Avagyan-Bush

Reggie Bush – Kim’s ex – seems to get his girls by a catalogue: curvy, exotic eyed, dark haired and gorgeous… and hard to distinguish. His wife, Lilit, while is not a carbon copy, is certainly familiar to look at.

Even more: her way of posing with her pregnancy can confuse you if you are looking for Kim’s photos.



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