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Signs you’re a BIG CHISMOSA!!

Gossiping is not the funniest thing to do with a tongue, but it entertains girls – and some boys – a lot. It is so common that we often pass the limits and might get in big trouble. How many times have you been embarrassed of what you say? How many of these signs you can recognize?


Spicing things up

It happens all the time: the content of your bomb isn´t as funny as you’d like it, so you start adding details out of nowhere: “home alone”, “cups of wine”, “private conversation with the professor”… it´s all fun and games until someone of the audience notices it and tells you are just a drama addict – and a despicable source of info.


Friends with the subject

You were confidently exposing someone’s secrets… and the other one happens to be friends with the victim! Who could know these two girls even talked to each other in the fat girls’ camp, right? Now you have to find a way to soften the topic and make like nothing happened here (and hope they don’t gossip about you now).


 “In fraganti” chat

Even worse: have you ever been talking about how you saw your neighbor’s butt today, when she tripped and fell inside the garbage bin, just to notice she is a few feet from you, listening to your chitchat – and reconsidering giving you sugar next time you run out of it?. Do you try to explain that you were “not” mocking about it? Do you try to make your neighbor part of the joke? Do you just shut up?


Begging for it

When someone accidentally shows that knows “that something” that you don’t, you can’t just let it go: you start trying to convince the other to tell you, by the good ways; when you don’t succeed you start craving it, like an addict. Exchanging, begging, menacing… Can you stop your efforts? Dead first!



The last stage of your gossip problem. Your birds don’t talk to you anymore. You don’t hear that “have you heard about…” in days. Is everybody in a good-behavior-challenge? It has something to do with the horoscope? No, the answer is no. What happened? Your sources noticed you can´t have your mouth shut – not even once – so they decided to stop telling you their (and some others’) stuff. It is time to reconsider your hobby, because is not coming back any soon.


So: is your gossip game too strong?


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