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Schoolgirl threats her teacher with a stun gun.

On the last months, news have been flowed with many cruel events around the world: massive killings, natural disasters, domestic assaults, wars and terrorist incidents. Moreover, violence is even present in common surroundings like schools; we cannot get off that easily from that spectrum that surrounds us.


On August 26, just only a few days ago, there was a police report of an assault made in South Alabama’ Mary G. Montgomery high school. The altercation began around 1 p.m., when the student started attacking another girl. We know everyone’s love to watch a good cat fight, so obviously other students prepared to enjoy the show. While people around them just watched the fight, a teacher decided to try to break it up, held up the attacker’s shoulders and pressed her against a wall to try to calm her down. However, this seemed somewhat threatening to the girl, so she got disturbed and even more upset. Therefore, the girl took out of her pocket a hissing stun gun, an electroshock weapon, and tried to hurt her teacher a couple times until he let her go and ran away through the crowd of yelling, surprised and scared students. Despite the event, a student even dared to say: “this is what happens when you ruin a fight that’s gone happen anyways”. What happens with youngsters these days?


According to Mobile County Sgt. Joseph Mahoney, the girl was caught not much time later nearby Miss K (the suspect’s real name will not be revealed because she is still a minor) was found and arrested. She was taken to Strickland Youth Detention Center and is now facing charges for misdemeanor assault since she attacked her classmate, and felony assault in connection with the attack on her teacher. In addition, it isn’t known how the student obtained the stun gun, since it isn’t something you can buy on a local grocery shop nor on a nearer supermarket, especially if you are underage.

Later on, the video of the altercation was posted on Facebook and it became viral on social media around the County, and later around the whole country. If you want to know about what happened and see it with your own eyes as well, you can watch the video down below:


Kids: those are just not games to play with. Be careful the next time when you’re about to fight someone.


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