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Racist and crazy woman freaks out when her son accidentally door dings another car

Aggressive people try to intimidate people verbally and only care for their own needs and often hurt others these people enjoy the power and believe they can make people run to fulfill their orders but that game does not usually last long, these people may never admit it deep down they know take advantage of weaker people or who are in a position that can do nothing. Convinced that it is the only one that can be right any situation and that all that matters are their needs, aggressive person continually reminds others how smart, strong or important they are. Just as physical intimidation that often hide a cowardly nature this kind of flaunting often masks feelings of inferiority or insecurity.  In addition to convince others of their superiority it is also trying by all means to convince herself.


In this video we see a mother arguing with a married couple because one of her sons hit the car next with the door, a dispute is created the husband immediately takes the phone to record and she begins to scream saying they are poor people who need money then a white car reaches the place and this woman comes up yelling that is not her problem and continued screaming to call an officer, to her all it seems impossible she  just screams and acts in a very aggressive manner she insults the woman and she says it’s impossible for her car touch the other by the distance the man tells her it is a two-door car she gets very upset and tries to give a lesson to their children about how are the white people begins to yell at their children and again starts yelling at the couple.



She says that before she screamed he did it too and that does not recorded of course but breathtakingly she says her tone is high because they just want to blame a young child and the woman throws the phone of the men down he picks it up and continues recording the woman says they have to be realistic, she says “see this car” as insinuating that is rubbish one of her sons try to talk and she strongly tells him to shut up she starts talking they were not with a little boy and says her children were the only children there she begins to ask why he is recording that he should record his back seat because she says there’s no one there and the man tells her he does not need to because he knows it’s there she keeps saying that Target has excellent cameras that there will come out the truth he tells her to look for recordings but she tells him that he has to look for it because they are those who try to get money.


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She continued screaming and tells her son to tell her where he hit the car she says she has never seen this man insulting him and them she throws the phone and the man says she hit him apparently with the phone… she just keep insulting  she said calls for the police to rush.. She acts as the victim saying he pushed her and this madness continues.  We hope the police fix this issue and they also should be concerned about the safety of children.


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