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Psycho teenager tried to kill her brother’s girlfriend!

Kali Jade Bookey may look like a normal and nice girl but what she did will probably leave you in astonishment. This 14-year-old girl made one of the most shocking assaults in history, when she harshly beat up her brother’s girlfriend, as an attempt to finish her life at the end of July on New Richmond, Wisconsin.


According to the investigation, the victim, also a 15-year-old teenage girl, was asleep when Bookey appeared at 6:30 am on her bedroom, and woke up when she felt someone put their hands over her mouth, preventing her from screaming, then she took advantage and attempted to suffocate her. They went on struggling and Bookey started beating the girl in the face for about 20 or 30 times, when she declared to police she said she didn’t want the victim to die but to only pass out. Sure, what an innocent intention. However, the attack did not end there. Bookey broke two glass bowls over the victim’s head and cut her face and neck about four times with the broken shards. Two hours later, the victim asked for water and the attacker agreed to the request, but she told her she would slice her throat and she did. Bookey then asked her victim if she wanted to die right in the moment or to bleed out, chosing bleeding out as her best option. When she was leaving, the attacker told the girl that she was a psychopath and that she was her first kill of the many that would come, and she said goodbye wishing her a ‘nice afterlife’.


Fortunately, this gave more lifetime to the victim and the police soon later found her, thanks to a call made by Bookey, when she reported to police a made up abduction to cover up her crime. However, the lie didn’t last long and she confessed in the end.


People around her claimed Kali Bookey came from a good and positive family, what could have led her to make such a crime? Well, she just hated the victim because she saw how happy she made her brother and she wanted to scare her so she would move away. Bookey told to police that she had been planning the attack for a week and a half, when she decided to grab her bike and cycle about 17km to her victim’s house.

On July 28, she was accused as an adult with charges of first-degree intentional homicide and she could spent 40 years in prison. The victim is alive and still recovering from the brutal attack.


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