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Potheads try to steal $40 in marijuana but everything goes wrong…

There are thieves of all kinds, but a lot of fools, dumb robbers usually believe they have everything under control and that nothing could go wrong for them until… It is time to act and you get nervous and your body betrays you, the heart accelerates and your whole body gets out of control and all this comes with a big fail, everything went wrong because apparently dumb robbers believes that nothing bad will never happen to them.


In the following video we can see a couple of dumbs and surely a newbies thieves, they try to steal a seller $ 40 in marijuana.



One of the guys put a camera in the car door the other guy calls and goes to the place he says he will be there in a silver car, the salesman goes to the car and the guy grabs the marijuana he tries to distract the seller the guy pretends that is reviewing the package and suddenly accelerates the car to escape but what happens after, this guy didn’t expect it, the seller clings to the door, this guy looks like spider-man, the driver loses control and crashes into a tree we can see that for a moment the guy does not know what to do so he just gets out of the car and runs away while the other boy care about most importantly, the camera!


Resultado de imagen para Marijuana Robbery Gone Wrong Crashes Car


The boys decide to run and leave the car in the place a big mistake, this probably ended up much worse you should never run away from a drug dealer we do not know what kind of people have that guy around, this pair of fools decided to post this video, though apparently they end up like idiots, they took the marijuana.

With this crazy video we leave some interesting facts that everyone should know about marijuana.

  • Marijuana has no addictive chemical substance that creates a chemical dependency to use other drugs, there are only people who do not know their limits.
  • Different reports of the commission of American justice indicate that marijuana smokers tend to be absent from the violence acts and crime in general, especially when they are compared with users of alcohol and methamphetamines. The drug that causes more social reproach is alcohol.
  • A study at Harvard University discovered that there are no dangerous physical reactions caused by smoke marijuana, but all smoke ingested into the lungs attempts against the health, this risk can be eliminated if instead of smoking it we could use it as food.


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