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Pokemon go did it again! This time on Casocerrado’s Show!

Pokemon GO is a phenomenon that is putting the world upside down; today this game stole the show with a case that clearly sets that we can lose the faith on humanity with no regrets.



Let’s meet Julio, the plaintiff


Julio sues two girls for trespassing his property at 3am looking for Pokémon at his front yard, in this situation he took a brick and threw it to them to scare them… this is getting better!

Now he sues the girls for $20.000 the incidents


Julio ensures that he is already in a legal process to get custody of her daughter, and now this problem is danger of losing that demand.

Girls, Victoria and Julio Angelica are suing for $ 10,000 in medical expenses


The brick Julio threw the girls reached Angelica on her back, making both stumble and fall to the ground injuring Victoria’s ankle. They call the police, ambulance, mom, dad, cousins and grandmothers! To tell them that the bad guy Julio tried to kill them while they were innocently looking for Pokémon at 3am on his private front yard. And now they have expended a lot of money in hospital. Now they are suing Julio because he attacked them.

After listening the explanation of the girls, Dr. Polo almost asks for a brick to finish the job.


The girls explained that they were there because at 3am is when the best Pokémon seems to appear and just at Julio’s front yard they find free poke balls to catch Pokémon.

Now let’s meet the witnesses! The first on is Gary, Angelica’s brother, and he’s coming with a surprise.


Angelicas’ brother… when all of us thought that he was coming to save them, BOOM!! He talks against them, he says that the girls are not working, are not studying and they are losing the time trying to catch Pokémon all day long. And you can hear Angelica screaming: “Betrayer!! Betrayer!!”.

Let’s hear Yesenia, defendant’s witness


I introduce you… Julio’s wife! It turns out that Julio is a Pokémon master, and he has caught the best Pokémon at his friend’s home, with who has been cheating to Yesenia.

OMG! Julio was discovered on his poke-other-life


Finally, after consulting a lawyer, a policeman and a sociologist, Dr. Polo decided to send everything to hell and said “have fun with your little game”.




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