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Placing an Ice Cube on the Right Place Could Be the Best Treatment Ever for All of Your Problems.

Everyone have suffered from minor disease such as headache or unexplainable pain in a certain part of the body that has no medical cause according to modern medicine. Despite some of us treat these diseases with medicine from the local drug store, there is also a natural way to face this illness with no invasive drugs.



This is commonly known as a Chinese method that uses a spot on the back of the neck between two tendons. This spot is called Feng Fu in Chinese acupuncture. Placing an ice cube in that spot can have great benefits to our health in general.

By doing this all you need to do is lay dawn on a comfortable place facing down to uncover your neck. Next with help of other person, put an ice cube on the Feng Fu spot for about 30 minutes. While this may make you feel uncomfortable at first due to the icy feeling on your neck, but after a few seconds you will feel a rush of heat in that area. Some people claims to feel some kind of euphoria due to endorphins being released in the bloodstream as the ice stimulates the brain nerves.


This method from the Chinese culture claims to have tremendous effects as it is said this can rejuvenate your body, make some of the commonly known illness disappear and even. This also will make you feel full of energy and less stressed.


Despite some of us appeal to non-prescription drugs to treat illness, this method naturally stimulates the endorphin release by putting an ice cube on the Feng Fu spot. Even though there is no prove this can harm your body in any way. Experts recommend to not doing this into pregnant women and those who suffer from schizophrenia as this can have a totally different effect on their bodies.


Despite a lot of natural tricks to relieve pain, there is also known that some of them might harm you due to bad practice of unskilled people. So before trying any of those new method out there inform yourself about the method before applying it to you as some of them involve non-natural ingredients that are confirmed to be dangerous to human being.

Despite Chinese medicine have acquired popularity try always method which are allowed by medicine and not those that are invasive to your body as those can put in danger your life.


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