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Pedophile is tricked and gets caught!

We all may have heard the saying: ‘we see the faces, but we don’t know the hearts’, and this is applicable to everyone, especially with offenders. Around history, there’ve been countless cases of men who appeared to have a normal life, with no suspicious signs of anything wrong, but later on we found out they have some peculiar and sick pleasures.



On June this year, Douglas Smith was ‘casually’ web hunting some young female students on social media, when he found this ‘girl’ and started to chat with her. He told her she had a beautiful smile, also that she looked hot and he even said that he loved her. When they talked about of having he first intercourse, he told her he said his ‘sausage’ wasn’t very big, so it wouldn’t hurt for a little while. Disgusting.

Therefore, they arranged to meet each other, to check if she was real and then get to action. On August 20, members of Dark Justice, an organization who pose as children and under-aged teens online to catch offenders, caught the 56-years-old man who thought he would meet a 13-year-old girl, on camera. He admitted he wanted to have a encounter with the young girl, so he was taken right to the police.


It is not the first time authorities heard about Douglas Smith, he was already on the Offenders Register thanks to a previous conviction, because he was viewing indecent images of under-aged girls. He even was on a offender’s treatment program too, but it clearly did not change his behavior nor mind-set, not at all. Judge Jeremy Freedman said that it was concerning that he had not changed in any way. Smith claimed to the judge he felt lonely, he felt flattered while he was chatting and he wanted to try meeting this girl, because, why not, you only live once. In addition, he though it wasn’t exactly appropriate to be called a pedophile. People are truly shameless.


Newcastle Crown Court took charge of his case and they weren’t specially nice nor soft with him, therefore, he pleaded guilty of all the charges. His sentence is to spend one-year and eight-months on prison, and he was also ordered to serve an extended license period after he is freed. Now, he remains on Offenders Register for life. One down, many more to catch.


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