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Pants on fire! Learn how to spot a LIAR

Lying is one of the most common things that humans do. It does not matter how much someone claims to hate lies, it is certain that everybody needs to lie once in a while.


While some of those are “white lies” that might even prevent someone from feeling bad, there are other lies that might hurt people or get someone in trouble.122199-425x283-liar-1

Detecting a liar is not easy. There are people that dedicate their lives to learn how to spot them, and catch people with their lies. However, we have some tips that a normal person could use on a daily basis to avoid being told a lie. Remember these are not perfectly accurate rules, and don’t get paranoid!

  • Is the suspected liar adding too much detail to the plot? Some people tend to do that while lying to pretend they know all the details.formatfactoryliar

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  • Are they repeating the question you asked them? A liar would do this to make some extra time, and prepare the lie better. Another thing liars do to win time is to repeat some phrases in their own speech.
  • When someone is telling the truth, their story will have a long end after the tense part where the lie could be. A person who is lying could make an abrupt cut in the story timeline after passing the lie. Besides, they will not add any emotion to it.formatfactoryliar-woman-lying
  • Increase their mental work: ask them to tell their story backwards. Their mind will be working hard to produce the lie and that request might break their concentration. That will make their gestures and words scramble, and their nerves to fail.
  • Body language is very important. Although everybody claims that they will not look you in the eyes, a liar can compensate it and look to your eyes even more than someone telling the truth.ways-to-recognize-liars
  • Some other body gestures that you can use to spot a liar are unconscious and are caused by their minds feeling troubles coming: cheeks turning red, wide open nostrils or eyes, sweating or even minor movements to appear smaller can give you a clue.
  • Liars try to get rid of the lie they are telling, so their speech rate could increase, just like their breathing pattern. Good liars know this and might attempt to compensate it, so pay attention if they turn slower too.
  • Keep the question in mind: some people telling the truth could get scared or shy if the question is embarrassing and it might give you a false positive.download-13


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