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New pictures of Melania Trump generate controversy (on her immigration status!)

On past week, a series of pictures featuring a younger Melania Trump was released by the media. Nothing too special about it, except for the date they are from: 1995. If you still don’t get the point, the – third, and current- wife of the presidential candidate Donald Trump have told another story about her first years in the USA, based on arriving here on 1996.


One could possibly let that single, small hole in the plot go, but the case is the mistake is not the only one.

The version of Melania includes arriving America on 1996 to work as a model, returning to her natal Slovenia each few months to renew and stamp her visa, because she respects the laws. After a few years of good luck, she applied for a green card in 2001, and later requested the citizenship, which was given to her in 2006, since when she have raised worked hard and raised a loving family with her husband, Donald Trump.1

Everything seems normal, until you pay attention to a single word: months.

To refresh the knowledge on visas, there are two possible types given to Melania: one that allows you to work on the States, and other than doesn’t; the difference – apart the obvious – is the expiration. While the tourism (not work) visa allows you to stay for a top of six months, the work visa has a longer, three years, time of renewal.


If she had a worker visa, why would she travel back to Slovenia over months, instead of years? If she had a tourist visa, isn´t working as a model considered illegal? It is.

The big controversy here isn´t Melania, but her husband. Donald is the leader of the Republican Party for the 2016 presidential elections. In his speeches he has demonstrated a very tough point of view about illegal immigration. So strong-armed, his words may imply the deporting of nearly 11 million of people from American soil, amongst other actions, considered by some critics as xenophobic or even racist. Was the illegal immigrant enemy, Donald Trump, aware of his wife’s situation?


Anyway, her declarations are still no evidence that she entered the USA, or performed any activity, illegally. The public has to wait for the migratory authorities to pronounce on the case, although experts on the matter claim that there is a slight chance she would have to pay the consequences of the – allegedly – illegal activities performed.



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