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Man films a random girl taking a nap in the wrong apartment

Some time ago, the famous South Korean director Kim Ki-duk made a movie called “3-Iron”. In that movie we can see a young homeless guy who loves to break into strangers’ empty houses, and live there for a while. The protagonist is not a criminal, he does this not because he wants to steal anything or because he wants to make harm. All he wants is to see the life from another point of view, the point of view of those persons whose houses he broke into. So, for expressing gratitude, he fixes whatever does not work well in those houses: from faucets to clocks, from washing dirty clothes to cleaning up bathrooms.


This is perhaps the one of a few cases when a house break in is not thrilling. But this is not the case.


The video you will see below is about another situation.


Imagine you get out of your work in a normal day. You take your jacket, your briefcase and you are ready to go. Maybe you feel tired and the only thing in the world you want to do is go home for eating something and later resting a bit. Before you have to escape from the traffic present in all the streets, avenues, and so on. While you cross the roads, you think about that tasty sandwich you will prepare when you arrive at home using some bacon, cheese and some other ingredients you have at your place. You start feeling hungry, so you try to arrive faster.


Then you think about the comfortability you will feel when you lay down in the couch. Yes, that couch you bought a month ago. Now you are dreaming about being there, feeling like you were resting in a soft and quiet cloud. The best part of this is that dreams come true… but on other chances, dreams becomes nightmares.


Then, you realize you won’t go to sleep that soon. First you will eat; then, you will watch TV for an hour or two, and last, but not least, you will arrange all the things you will need for tomorrow at the same workplace. And after that you will go to sleep.


So, you arrive at home, you open your door and automatically you go to kitchen for preparing a sandwich. But when you went to de living room, you fine that there is someone already sleeping in your bed, and that person refuses to leave. What would you do?


Don’t miss the video here:



Woman Sleeps On Couch In Wrong Apartment And Refuses To Leave


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