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Kourtney Kardashian Flaunts Gorgeous Swimsuit Body On Instagram

The girls of the Kardashian’s family are always giving something to talk about. Not only because of the uncountable events that have surrounded their personal lives, but for their obvious beauty, like if it were Greek goddesses. Each and every one of them, including mother Kris, seems to be taken out from a fiction movie, with that perfect hair and skin. Doubtless, they have become the envy of most women, and the desire of lots of men.


Many pictures and photographs of this family can be found on the internet and the social media networks: in classy dresses, casual, sporty and on swimsuits. Definitely a bunch of material that cannot be ignored, not even for the females.

To that enormous collection of photos hanged on the internet, there have been added some new ones of Kourtney relaxed on a pool. The oldest of the sisters, recently made public on her Instagram page a sexy photoshoot for fans, followers and media.


On the pictures it can be seen her slender and toned body, leaning on a giant and colorful floating swan, sporting a tiny black bikini, which makes her look as hot as always.


Fans and users of the social network have gone insane, as was expected. The pictures have received several likes and comments, complimenting her undeniable beauty. Most messages talk about her great body figure, asking how she manages to keep it as good as it shows, after having three kids.


But Kourtney is not just a pretty woman. As well as ebery member of her family, she became famous as a result of the E! reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians, though Kourtney had been on American screens since 2005 when she started for a noble cause. She decided to appear on TV show Filtchy Rich: Cattle Drive to earn money and give it for charity.


Later, she and her mother Kris, opened a children clothing store in Los Angeles and New York City called Smooch, and then co-owned D-A-S-H brand with siblings Kim and Khloe. During spring of 2010, the threesome came up with a clothing line for Bebe brand, and then announced about a new clothing line called K-Dash.


The entrepreneurial spirit of Kourtney and her sisters Kim and Khloe have taken them to make sunless tanners, books, jewelry, fragrances and clothing collections, that has placed this family on the top of the retail and fashion industries.



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