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Jessica Pack shows you how to achieve a perfect body without believing in those fake “Before and After”

She is Jessica, an architect of passages and Certified life coach, lives in Orlando Florida last year planned a trip but she decided to lose weight before and began to publish her changes on her instagram account.



I am SO happy and SO excited right!! Today was long but amazing!!! People noticed my passion but more importantly I did! This feels right. It also was awesome being in a room filled with so much diversity and empowerment as well as desire and will to care for others 🙌🏼 There is so much unknown to this adventure. I have no idea if it's going to work or how. I know it's a long journey ahead before I can completely change careers. I know it's worth the risk and nothing easy comes without fear. All I can do is allow the excitement and passion fuel this new adventure!! It feels right following my heart. It feels right being on a path that's more fulfilling and rewarding. So excited for the rest of this weekend ☺️ I have long class days, but that doesn't mean I am not working out 😏 BBG abs is about to go down 👊🏼 Then lots of homework, personal development, and a little soul searching tonight! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend 💕 Wearing @cottononbody

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Jessica bought the guide of Kayla Itsine exercises she has won 110,000 followers on her instagram account thanks to her progress throughout this time Jessica discovered that many people who feign in these “before and after”photos.

Here Jessica tells us how:

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This photo has a difference of 30 seconds this girl just had to adjust her bathing suit posing a little different, and play with light and there is! A noticeable change. Jessica says many people do this so you have to be careful sometimes these transformations of “before and after” are false.


When I started this account just a little over a year ago, I had one intention and one purpose: to remain accountable and motivated towards my personal fitness goals. What this journey has evolved into has been completely unexpected and life changing. The physical transformation itself has been an accomplishment itself, but the life transformation has been nothing short of an amazing blessing. It has been such a roller coaster transforming my body this past year BUT it would not have been nearly as rewording or worth it without this freaking phenomenal community. The friendships I've made I value so very much. They are absolutely real and genuine! These connections have brought so much more meaning and value into my life than I would have ever anticipated. The friendships, this community, is far more impactful on my life than the physical transformation itself and the physical change would mean far less than without the friends who see and value the best IN me. You all helped me find my strength, self acceptance, and passion for life again. I can never thank you all enough. Thank you so very much @kayla_itsines for helping me change my life for the better and find the comforts of home within my own heart ❤️ Forever grateful!!

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One year difference 😱🙌🏼 I honestly cannot believe all that had happened this past year. What a difference a year's time can make. Has it been perfect? Absolutely not! Could I have done things better, differently, or more correctly for me? Yes of course! But I won't dwell on the what ifs and could have beens on what I did right and or wrong. Because the simple fact is I put myself first and I am NOT that same girl on the left. I finally committed to me. And I did so every. single. day! I made exercising and eating right a priority because I finally learned to appreciate my body for what it does for me. It's easy to hide behind insecurity. Being truly seen is not easy. Being vulnerable is even harder. But it was the best decision I ever made to put myself out there and put myself first for once. I haven't lost nearly as much weight as I feel I should have in a year's time, but you know what? It's ok! Because I lost so much more. I lost silly insecurities. I lost a little self doubt. I lost self hatred. I lost some fears. I lost feelings of unworthiness. And among these things I've gained SO much more. I've gained a positive perspective and mindset. I've gained confidence. I've gained self respect. I've gained happiness. I've gained healthiness. I've gained incredible friendships!! And for the first time ever, I've finally gained a complete acceptance of me 💕

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After a rest weekend, I decided I needed to reflect and refocus on what this journey truly is and means for me. It has evolved in many unexpected ways, but lately, I've been focused on the wrong things. I've been focused on things out of my control, that truly are not my problems, and have been taking them personally and have been making them my own problems. But focusing on these negative things has not been yielding positive results. So the next 4 weeks will be utilized for redirection. These next 4 weeks will be used for letting go. I've been thinking about this for awhile now, and my mind has been made up for some time. The problem is that letting go is easy, it's moving on that's the challenge. But I need to let go of a lot. Letting go of who I was. Letting go of the past. Letting go of what was. Letting go of things that are not of a positive influence for me. Letting go of bad habits. Just simply letting go of all the toxicity and negativity that is no longer fueling me positively. This rest weekend was so needed. I've realized I just need to let go laughing and with a smile on my face. I need to let go in a positive light. I'm ready to get back on track for what this journey truly is for me, but the only way I can continue becoming all that I'm meant to be, is to let go of the negative, so I can allow the positive to flood in. The next 4 weeks are going to be busy, stressful, mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging, but I'm ready to allow positive changes in again! I see the brightness of the future but I'm holding on to the darkness of the past and present. So today I'm letting it all go! I'm ready to let go of who I feel I'm supposed to be, so that I can become all that I truly am 💕

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Jessica followed her fitness life with the Kayla “Bikini Body Guide”

Kayla Itsines has become a personal trainer she has created an empire with his “Bikini Body Guide” and she and her customers untie the madness of the “before and after” in the social networks of Kayla.



Kayla can transform your body in 12 weeks the guides exercise of this incredible coach on sometime could not achieve fame if it were not for the changes she shows, this girl of just 24 years old has shown how effective are her exercise routines to achieve a perfect body, this industry has become a bit difficult because if you do not show results people will not buy but it is not the case for Kayla she has 5.6 million followers on Instragram and none of them doubt take pictures of the “before and after” to publicize the results of the amazing guide exercise, her account is very inspirational you can find motivational photos, personal photos of her spectacular anatomy, exercises she performs, tips for balanced diets and especially proud photos of her clients with incredible body change.



She relates that she began posting the inspiring photos of trasnformación of clients which she trains through bootcamps and people around the world began to ask for advice and ask about how she trained and which were her exercises this take her to develop her own eBook which has certainly helped thousands of women around the world to get the perfect body for themselves, Kayla says her program has received much support because the results are from real women who have been able to maintain a consistent routine. We are not talking about some miracle pill or anything like it we talk about hard work a healthy and balanced diet much perseverance and long-term results.


@commandosandcake progress using my program 😍👌💪 check it out at www.kaylaitsines.com/app ✅

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Although her publications Kayla says it is not in favor of intense exercise in a matter of personal training she believes that less is more the  intense exercise can put your body under stress which will make it more difficult to get the results you aspire so we do not need to spend countless hours in the gym every day, we must listen to our bodies and remain active with a realistic routine we can keep for a long period of time. The results vary many girls appearing in social networks of Kayla reach their dream body at different times sometimes 12 weeks, sometimes a year and other girls only take 3 weeks. All bodies are different, different heights, different weights, you just have to be persistent and disciplined.



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