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Get rid of mosquito bites and mosquitoes! With these EASY steps!

In summer days or rainy days mosquitoes are always there to annoy us and bite us, there are plenty of advice to treat mosquito bites but these ideas are great and the best part is that we can get everything in home.



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First of all you have to take care of bites at the time you notice that ignites, you should clean the area with pure water, isopropyl alcohol or a mild soap if you are the people who have a severe reaction to stings, you should apply an antihistamine lotion, never scratch the area this will cause an infection.


Resultado de imagen para picaduras de mosquitos
After you clean the area you should take a spoon of metal and dip it in hot water for a minute then remove it from the water wait five to ten seconds for it to cool a little and put the spoon in the area of the sting, pressed for a few seconds and then repeat the process a couple of times while water keeps hot, when you do several repetitions you will see how it heals the bite.


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Other advice would be to take a small towel and soak it in water as hot as your hands will allow you to take the towel, put the towel on the affected area until returns to a normal temperature and repeated about two or three times, the heat causes simultaneous release of all histamines, this are proteins used by the body to initiate immune responses such as irritation and itching of the skin.

Finally you can also apply toothpaste this works great to relieve itching, use common flavored toothpaste is the best choice the toothpaste should not be in gel, rub the toothpaste on the sting and let it dry overnight, in the morning wash the area with cold water and mild soap, toothpaste will dry the bite and relieve itching.


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Always remember in the summer keep the fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, mosquitoes not only feed on blood, do not let garbage accumulate at home you must take it out daily, this will prevent mosquitoes invade your home, do not water it the plants that you have inside the house excessively, always check the drains and if you have jars with water they should be covered mosquitoes are attracted by humidity.


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Lavender, citronella, rosemary and basil are natural repellents you can place these plants near doors and windows of your home this will prevent mosquitoes enter your home.


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