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We all have that one friend?

Loyal companions, partners in crime, that shoulder to cry on… friends are the family you can choose, and we love them. Even if sometimes they are hard to cope with. How many of these friends type do you have? Or how many of them have you been?


I’ll be there in five minutes!

Well, with “there” they meant “in my kitchen”, because your voice have just reminded them of your appointment. The truth is we all have been that friend at least once (Don’t fake it).


The bad drinker

Just the smell of shot gets them dizzy, so prepare for a long night after that person have had some drinks: tripping, stumbling, crying, calling their ex, and being incredibly heavy to move into the car. The worst part: you can´t convince them they don’t dominate the booze arts, so it’s a never ending cycle


The permanently unsatisfied

“It’s too cold in here”, “I didn´t sleep well last night”, “I’m way too hungry!”, And so on. This friend always finds something to complain about. It doesn’t matter how much someone would try to please them, they will find a way to get bothered.


The world devourer

They never stop eating: their lunch, a snack, your lunch leftovers, another snack… when they leave, is because they are going home, for dinner. But there’s more to it: they never get fat, and nobody knows how. Seriously, how many stomachs do they have?


The Frankenstein Monster

Not because they are tall and scary – or decaying – but because of how many times they have been wounded: twisted ankles, broken legs, bruises, cuts, concussions… Who knows? They might as well been refurbished on the inside.


The “forgot my wallet” buddy, a.k.a. no ca$h

They eat, they drink, but they never pay a thing. The typical case of the friend who always left their money at home and they swear to you they will pay you tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after the d… That’s in a good case; some of them might not even look interested in the bill: anyway, they know they don’t have cash, you know it, everybody knows it…


The absent

All the gang have – finally – made a plan: you surpassed the obstacles of having to coordinate a group night out, just to have that boring dude who rather spending the night on his couch, with a blanket and a bowl of popcorn… Why can’t they get active?



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