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Crazy things you experience after getting dumped..

Many of us know the situation: you have been dating this special one for a while, but the time comes and nothing last forever. Breaking up these days is even more frequent than in days past, when people used to think seriously before dating someone. Read and identify yourself with some of the next things that may happen when you lose your couple.



You convince yourself – and your ex – that you’re better without them

And with better, you mean happier, and a lot hotter. You don’t just do any kind of joyful things, like redecorating your house, going on a road trip, getting a gym membership – and using it to get bite your earlobes.


You keep an eye on the subject

It doesn’t matter how much we want to deny it, it’s super common. You want to know every detail of their life, and rejoice on how much devaluated they got with that new partner they have. You may even have a common friend to spy, even after you get blocked. It is like the counterpart of the previous item, and guarantees your plan is getting things done.


You get your monogamy revenge

Some people get a boost on their intimacy after a break up. It’s like you want vengeance for all the time you had to reject the most interesting propositions. Do you get your black book to fix your faithful past?


Or… experience the abstinence

Just like a curse from your ex, you don’t get a chance to flirt with anyone getting you in a draught for months – even years, in the worst cases. Why is that? Sorcery and witchcraft? Or is it something on your social profile that keeps people from liking you, and you don’t see it?


Consider other options

Okay, maybe that thing of dating someone is not for you. What about getting another interest? Like growing your own giant watermelon, starting a quantum physics online course, raising a bat, becoming a monk in a mountain, or even a great singer and writing about how bad your ex was. None of the above? Right, this is not the most popular way to react.


Did you find yourself in any of these? Or are you going to use one of them as a plan, if needed? (Please, consider the watermelon one!)



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