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Check out your favorite rappers before they got rich and famous

Rappers are known for being respected and badass hip-hop stars, surrounded with gold chains, cars, mansions and hot girls. But, can you imagine them how they looked like before fame and money struck their lives? We will show you the past of some of your favorite and renowned rap stars.



Snoop Dogg

The California boy, Calvin Broadus became a troublemaker after he graduated from high school. Later on, he met Dr. Dre and decided to try rap. On 1993, he released his first album Doggystyle, which made it to the top of Billboard and Top 200 charts. He is also known too for his many encounters with the law.Even if he shortened his name, we will always know him as Snoop Doggy Dogg.




Marshall Mathers was a little white boy who used to travel a lot and live in trailer parks, with an absent father and a conflictive mother. Marshall started rapping when he was a teenager, leaving school when he was 14 years old to pursue his music projects in Detroit with bands like Basement Productions, The New Jacks and D12. He proved to be a good and skilled rapper, gaining notoriety by rapping at open mic nights and making mixtapes of himself. On 1997, The Slim Shady EP was his first renowned álbum.


Lil Wayne

When Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. had only 8 years old, he wrote his first rap, and not too later Cash Money Records reached him out to join The B.G.’z, recording his first album. At age 14, he left school to focus on music. He had his first daughter when he was 15.


Kanye West

After studying his first year on art school in Chicago State University, Atlanta-born Kanye Omari West left college on 2001 to move out to New York and to pursue his music career as a producer to Jay Z, Ludacris and Beyoncé. Later on, he started to produce his own debut album and released The College Dropout on 2004, winning Best Rap Album Grammy. He married sex-bomb Kim Kardashian on 2013 and is father of

Jay Z

From Brooklyn, Shawn Corey Carter grew in a drug-infested neighborhood; he even admitted being a drug dealer. Carter dedicated to rap for escaping that violent and poor environment, and was known to freestyle battle around his neighborhood. In 1996 released his debut album, Reasonable Doubt, a classic in hip-hop scene. He is now a successful businessman, married with popular singer Beyoncé, and even has a daughter with her.



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