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Check out the future new mansion of Beyoncé and Jay Z. It’s incredible!

Hollywood famous people are used to having multi-million dollar accounts, so you can imagine they can buy everything they want. Sometimes they have so much money they don’t know how to invest it. Some of them buy cars, jewels, designer clothing, and why not, a nice fancy mansion. However, not everything in this glamorous world is so shallow, because a percentage of them often donate money to people in need.


Let’s think about it for a minute, if you had mountains of money and you already have everything you want, what would you do with the rest? Well, Beyoncé and Jay Z believe that “if we have some extra money, why we don’t buy a new and better mansion?” and that is what they will do soon. Take a look at their new palace:


The powerful musical couple has set their eye on a colossal mansion valued at approximately $ 100 million. This mega-million mansion is located in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, an area extremely posh and full of celebrities. Past neighborhood inhabitants have counted with royalty celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Walt Disney, Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson over the years, we have no doubt the outrageously glamorous family of Beyoncé and Jay Z would fit right in there.


They are paying that amount of money for a total square footage of 38,000, and 30,000 feet of them are destined for conditioned air under the roof of the house.


The mansion count with ten wide bedrooms and twenty neat bathrooms. Will it be enough for the happy couple and their little daughter? I’m sure the family will be very comfortable in the palace.


As well, the house also has a beauty parlor, a massage room, a lap pool with a fabulous indoor water wall, basketball and tennis courts, a fitness center, an extravagant bar, a private trail for hiking and many other things more. Additionally, it has sufficient space to parking cars, more or less for 50 cars plus a special garage for 10 luxury cars.


Some people say she is a simple person; she doesn’t get mad about expensive cars, jewelry or glamorous clothes, most of these things she gets them for free because she receives many gifts from her dear admirers. But she is not perfect, apparently she has a dark side, she is very fussy regarding the houses she buys, and this mansion doesn’t escape from the whim’s queen.


And you? What would you do with one hundred million dollars?


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