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13 Confessions of Latin girls who never had their quince party

Most cultures around the world have some rituals signifying a passage to adulthood for women and men. The quinceañera tradition has been an important celebration for many years, because this party means the womanhood’s beginning of any Latin girl. But sometimes we have no choice and we have to conform …

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These two pups can’t stop hugging each other

There is something about baby animals that makes us sigh of tenderness. A strange feeling that unconsciously touches our most deep and sensible fibers, making us heart warmed by just imagining the scene of these helpless tiny mammals. Is it because of our own nature for caring? Or because we …

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This was the word’s most expensive Quinceanera

We know that “money can’t give us happiness”, but in some cases you doubt that phrase. This time we will know Maya Henry, she’s from San Antonio, Texas and yes, she had what we can say, the world’s most expensive quinceanera. Maya’s parents paid more than 6 millionsof dollars to …

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