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Schoolgirl threats her teacher with a stun gun.

On the last months, news have been flowed with many cruel events around the world: massive killings, natural disasters, domestic assaults, wars and terrorist incidents. Moreover, violence is even present in common surroundings like schools; we cannot get off that easily from that spectrum that surrounds us. On August 26, …

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A group of policemen to catch just only ONE girl

  Just imagine: you are in a normal random day, eating dinner, having some drinks or eating ice cream when a group of police officers enters the local and corner up a teenage girl. What is happening, you may ask. Soon later, we can see that the girl starts freaking …

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Teenager dies by a hickey!

An unfortunate but strange fact what happened in Mexico, a teenager named Julio Macias Gonzalez of Iztapalapa in Mexico City has died of a massive hickey or a love bite who was made by his girlfriend of 24 years old. Julio had been with his girlfriend that day but when he …

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Huge lips? Not enough!

Cosmetic surgery could be really addictive. While some people are happy with how they look, some others feel mostly unpleasant every time they look at themselves in the mirror and they decide to change it. Chest jobs, nose jobs, facelifts, tummy tuck, Botox and filler treatments; there’s pretty much anything on …

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A college Girl tells how she infected 324 man with HIV

University life can be great, the whole new experience with all the freedom without the parents by our side is an unforgettable time for those who have the opportunity to go to College or University.With all of the parties a young student may experience there are some other factors that …

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