Viral – Viral Latino Sun, 06 Nov 2016 05:19:19 +0000 en-US hourly 1 You won’t believe how this guy got back at his cheating girlfriend on Valentine’s Day Sat, 01 Oct 2016 19:37:59 +0000 We know well that there are not many things better than getting back at your cheating boyfriend/girlfriend. And the more creative these people get with their revenge, the better for us!

It is a known fact that, on Valentine’s Day, couples manage to get the internet clogged. However, when youngster Kyle Boggess found out that his girlfriend had been cheating on him for quite some time, he realized that just bursting up in rage and breaking up with her wasn’t fair enough, so he planned a very simple but excellent revenge which had to take place on February 14th, the perfect day to amuse ourselves with some internet fun amongst all the romantic crap.

Kyle takes his girlfriend home in for her gift, and decides to record the whole thing as a “romantic gesture”. He blindfolds her before bringing her inside his room and revealing the present he had bought her: a stuffed elephant in the middle of a floor covered in rose petals.

cheat 2

To her surprise and delight, he says he has another present, and asks her to put the blindfold on once again. This time, the gift is not as pretty: he hands her a card, and she notices it was a bunch of screenshots of her cheating on him, printed in paper (He was smart enough not to hand her his iPad at that moment).

While the girl is in shock, trying to react, he doesn’t give her a chance: he breaks up with her and follows with the knock-out move “get the hell out of my house”. Try to top that comeback.

Kyle uploaded the scene to the internet and became very popular shortly. Sadly, the video seems to have been removed off YouTube for “violating Youtube’s policy on harassment and bullying”. Ironically, though, since we know who the real bully is in this scenario.

We were lucky enough to get this hilarious comment from the video written by an old fella before it was deleted.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.40.51

So, before you go cheating on your other half, try to imagine how creative they can get if they manage to find out about your dirty deeds. You don’t wanna end up humiliated all over the internet while your friends post their romantic moments on next year’s Valentine.

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This Girl gets a Sweet Revenge on her Cheating Ex-Boyfriend Tue, 20 Sep 2016 23:31:45 +0000 We have all had that ex who made us crave for revenge for any reason, particularly if they were unfaithful. This girl, however, went through with one of the sweetest and most elaborated plans to get revenge on her cheating former boyfriend, and she did it only by unblocking him every Sunday.

The story, published by the Ex himself on Reddit, became popular and was even trending very recently. It begins with him admitting his jealousy issues in the long distance relationship he had for over a year, so he decided to go “butter another girl’s muffin”. However, it didn’t take long until she found out about this, and soon after that she managed a way to get back at him.

After blocking every type of communications they had, she remembered that she had transformed him into a hardcore Game of Thrones fan. So after finding out that, since he lived abroad, he couldn’t watch the episodes as soon as they aired, the perfect plan for revenge seemed to have landed gracefully on her hands.

So, right after season 6 premiere, he got a Whatsapp message from her. Thinking she had forgiven him and that he could finally get her back, what she actually wrote was every single spoiler from the episode he had been waiting to watch!

However, the story just began that week, because she blocked him as soon as she spoiled that episode and waited all week to unblock him again and spoil the second. Despite he managed to block her, she still got to him through Facebook and text messages. Even if he could block her in every way he could, he didn’t count on their former mutual friends (who turned on the girl’s side, after knowing what he did), to get their hands dirty for her and spoil him the rest of the season.

Maybe you were expecting a more brutal revenge, like the girl ruining his car or embarrassing him to death. But worse than a knockout punch to the head like these examples is the ongoing and endless torture this guy claimed to have experienced.

So this can be a warning sign for all guys out there who plan to cheat on their girlfriends: if you’re going through with it, at least make sure she doesn’t know which your favorite series are.

Here is the whole post, which was recently deleted from Reddit.

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The 15 Greatest Names for Weed Types Fri, 16 Sep 2016 20:40:13 +0000 There is no doubt that marijuana has become increasingly popular all around the world for a long time now. This increase in popularity provides marijuana consumers with a vast variety of blends, and the people in charge of naming them have proven to be very creative with these fantastic names:


15 – Girl Scout Cookies: This seems like a good name to avoid getting caught, and its soft taste probably goes well with some cookies. It has been highly recommended for nausea, pain, and low appetite.

14 – Lucky Charms: Makes you wonder if it’s named after the cereal, or if you should try your luck with these. Also makes you think how much the people naming these get the munchies.

13 – Trainwreck: Maybe you should stay off the roads if you’re willing to try these bad boys, because it may get out of hand, so prepare for a strong high.

12 – Alaskan Thunderf**k: “An ounce of Alaskan Thunderf**k” sounds pretty hardcore, but it possesses a strong fruity taste that will definitely mellow you out.

11 – Skywalker OG: Its fuel-like smell might turn you off at first, but the high will probably get you in a Jedi mood, since it has been proven great for treating insomnia.

20 Of The Funniest Marijuana Names On The Market

10 – Kosher Kush: It is uncertain if this plant came out of the Jewish community indeed. Still, it’s definitely one of the strongest strains of marijuana you will ever encounter.

9 – Albino Rhino: Not only is this a rare mixture of the ganja plant as its name suggests, but also a powerful buzzer with the strength of a one-horned beast.

8 – White Girl OG: Some of the very best of California, this product was most likely targeted for the female suburban population, but it’s still quite suitable for boys as well.

7 – Obama Cush: This is the executive cush: top notch quality, smell and taste, tailor-made for the president himself. There is no evidence Mr. Obama has approved of this name, though.

6 – Bruce Banner: Despite common misconceptions, this weed will not transform you into a green giant and unleash your monster within. It is most likely, on the other hand, to chill you out and stimulate your appetite.

5 – Chocolope: A very curious blend between OG Chocolate Thai and well-known Cannalope Haze, there is no doubt you will be craving for a chocolate bar after tasting this beauty.

20 Of The Funniest Marijuana Names On The Market

4 – Charlie Sheen: There could be dozens of reasons why this type of marijuana was named after this man, and with such a name, you can expect nothing short of awesome from it.

3 – California Skunk: It is not necessary for me to describe the smell that emanates from this exotic plant, but just try to keep it some distance away from your nose.

2 – Zombie Kush: One of the strongest Indica plants known to mankind, it is guaranteed that smoking some of this will eat your brains out.

1 – Chernobyl: You better put on your seatbelts if you are on to this madness, and be prepared for a total meltdown!

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Racist and crazy woman freaks out when her son accidentally door dings another car Wed, 14 Sep 2016 05:55:36 +0000 Aggressive people try to intimidate people verbally and only care for their own needs and often hurt others these people enjoy the power and believe they can make people run to fulfill their orders but that game does not usually last long, these people may never admit it deep down they know take advantage of weaker people or who are in a position that can do nothing. Convinced that it is the only one that can be right any situation and that all that matters are their needs, aggressive person continually reminds others how smart, strong or important they are. Just as physical intimidation that often hide a cowardly nature this kind of flaunting often masks feelings of inferiority or insecurity.  In addition to convince others of their superiority it is also trying by all means to convince herself.

In this video we see a mother arguing with a married couple because one of her sons hit the car next with the door, a dispute is created the husband immediately takes the phone to record and she begins to scream saying they are poor people who need money then a white car reaches the place and this woman comes up yelling that is not her problem and continued screaming to call an officer, to her all it seems impossible she  just screams and acts in a very aggressive manner she insults the woman and she says it’s impossible for her car touch the other by the distance the man tells her it is a two-door car she gets very upset and tries to give a lesson to their children about how are the white people begins to yell at their children and again starts yelling at the couple.



She says that before she screamed he did it too and that does not recorded of course but breathtakingly she says her tone is high because they just want to blame a young child and the woman throws the phone of the men down he picks it up and continues recording the woman says they have to be realistic, she says “see this car” as insinuating that is rubbish one of her sons try to talk and she strongly tells him to shut up she starts talking they were not with a little boy and says her children were the only children there she begins to ask why he is recording that he should record his back seat because she says there’s no one there and the man tells her he does not need to because he knows it’s there she keeps saying that Target has excellent cameras that there will come out the truth he tells her to look for recordings but she tells him that he has to look for it because they are those who try to get money.


Resultado de imagen para Terrible Mother Freaks Out When Her Son Accidentally Door Dings Another Car


She continued screaming and tells her son to tell her where he hit the car she says she has never seen this man insulting him and them she throws the phone and the man says she hit him apparently with the phone… she just keep insulting  she said calls for the police to rush.. She acts as the victim saying he pushed her and this madness continues.  We hope the police fix this issue and they also should be concerned about the safety of children.

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This ANNOYING passenger recorded her Uber driver yelling at her and it backfired Wed, 14 Sep 2016 04:43:22 +0000 Getting on a stranger’s car for a ride can be a little scary thing to do. This is the base of the Uber service, where you contact someone to pick you up, drive in their car to your destination and then you leave.

However, this is not only a tense situation for the passenger that jumps in somebody’s car, but also for the driver, who is allowing a complete stranger to get in their car; there is plenty of videos where the passenger is a total idiot and gets in the car too drunk, high or is mean. There is even a video of a man stopping his car because the passenger was drug dealing on the backseat!

Some people record their drives as they do some pranks, like pretending some of the situations named before. In this case, is it unclear if the passenger, who was a girl with a really annoying voice, was trying to play a joke or if she was really asking the driver, a man of a certain age, to drive her to an emergency room.

The problem is that the location set as destination by the girl was exactly where they were parked. The man requested the young woman to get out of his car, and she refused, claiming that she wanted to be left at the emergency room.

The woman started recording the conversation with the man, and the driver was really upset about her behavior. The driver said that she said that she was in a hurry and needed to be taken to the hospital, but when they arrived she was acting like a total stupid, saying things like she did not know where she was or where her destination was.

The driver yells at the girl, who is recording everything and telling how rude he is with her and how educated she is. If she was so educated, maybe she could find a way to walk a few feet and find the ER door, which could not be so far away from the hospital main door, which is probably where he was trying to leave her.

The girl uploaded her video to her YouTube channel. Although she titled it in a way that talks bad about the driver, the viewers immediately recognized she was the one acting wrong, like a total idiot. Almost every person who watched the video agrees on one thing: the girl is a moron, just like the driver said.


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The teacher who slept with her student is trying a CRAZY defense Tue, 13 Sep 2016 04:00:39 +0000 The case of the Iowa teacher who got arrested for having an illegal relationship with a boy from school has been much known in all the United States and the world.
screen-shot-2016-07-27-at-1-29-33-pmThis is not the first case of passionate relationships between students and teachers that end in bad terms – and with bad terms I mean “jail” – but the case against the teacher is not closed yet and the story still has details to be told.

Mary Beth Haglin, the teacher who was arrested in July for having relationships with one of her students, made a crazy movement to build her defense. In spite of the possibility of taking the fifth and letting someone who knows about laws to do their job, she spoke for herself with a not so brilliant statement.6666665303247250455

The woman, who is 24 years old, claims that she is the real victim in this case, since it was the boy who first looked for the approach.

She tells that he would write flirting texts on sticky notes during class, and stick them on her desk when he was leaving the classroom after class. The student, which is 17 years old, wrote things such as “I love you so much, my empress” and would do some awful citations to The Graduate, calling her “Mrs. Robinson” just like in the famous movie and novel.

One thing leaded to another and she could not resist his charm. They would met several times in her car at the park, where they would have intimacy but also would spend time just talking and sharing.

However, it was not a simple talk they were having when they were found. The couple was caught in flagrante having relationships in the back seat of her car. She was arrested and is waiting for her trial.mary37

It is uncertain if this story will get the judge and the jury’s approval and she will be released of her charges. The prosecutor is aiming to give her two years in jail, and for her to be listed as a offender for ten years!

This thing of making herself the victim is not a good idea, because she is the “responsible adult” in this case and she is supposed to be mature and to know the consequences of her acts, but it will be decided in the court. Her trial will be starting on November 14th and everything points that she is not going to get so easily out of this.descarga

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SCHOOL BUS DRIVER WHO HAD RAPED A 15 YEAR-OLD TEEN WON’T GET JAILED Mon, 12 Sep 2016 21:27:26 +0000 Among all kinds of crimes in the world, there is one that is considered to be the worst. For criminal and prisoners, the fact that someone rapes a helpless kid is considered by far the worst way to become a criminal. Despite this crime is paid out with years in prison, prisoners considered this as the worst act against a human, that rapist often get killed in just a few days after they get in prison.


Alexander Rodriguez, a 34-year-old school bus drive from Tennessee who raped a 15-year-old student wont serve any jail time. This happened on march of 2015 where the unnamed teen was reported missing after last being seen getting on a school bus driven by Alex Rodriguez.

The rapped girl informed the police she repeatedly told Alex to stop and that it hurt while she was being raped. According to the teenage girl, Rodriguez reportedly replied that he is indeed trying to make it hurt.

It was known that Rodriguez drove the buss to a garage where the buss is stored after work, and then he took her to a motel in his car. The Student from Sale Creek High School said she was forced to perform  on the bus driver.

After this, Rodriguez was immediately called to ask if he knew where the girl was. Alex took the girl to another place and told her to tell her parents she was with a friend. The girl had two walk about an hour after Rodriguez leaved the motel.

Right after the police asked Rodriguez about the motel, he asked for a lawyer as he knew he was in serious problem for being seen with an underage in such a place.

Rodriguez pleaded guilty to aggravated statutory rape at Hamilton Country Criminal Court. This man was sentenced to 4 years in prison, but that sentence was suspended when his lawyer, Johnny Houston, argued that she had credibility issues.

Let’s be honest about this case. If a bus driver took a teenage girl to the place where the school bus is stored and then taken to a hotel in the man’s car seems to be indulged. But as the girl is under-age it automatically turns into a crime for having intercourse with an under-aged person.

As Houston, the lawyer, told the Times Free Press that the victim claimed the oral was forced, but the evidence didn’t really bear that. Instead, Rodriguez goes straight to supervised offender probation for ten years. Despite he is not going to jail he instead has to war a GPS monitor all the time. However, if he didn’t break the terms of is probation, there will be no prison for him.


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THESE KIDS WILL FREAK YOU OUT WITH THE TERRIBLE THINGS THEY DID Mon, 12 Sep 2016 21:24:44 +0000 Kids might be the most genuine form of innocence, since they are such a pure being that is just learned about the world. But these kids from the list would freak you out, as some of them are as young as your 8-year-old brother.


When we are young, we are such a fragile being and susceptible to other’s opinions that it is probably why a lot of us share similarities to our parents and other relatives. But how we nurtured as kids definitely defines us. But it becomes a mystery as to why some kids end up being as bad as they are, especially when they thing to have a good upbringing. Here are the worst kids that used some negative traits to become deadly killers:


With only 14 years old, Joshua Phillips became a murder. His mother discovered some fluids coming down of his bed. They ended up being from someone’s corpse.


This kid inspired the movie A Young Poisoner’s Handbook. As hi poisoned his stepmother’s tea cup. The poor woman ended up dying due to complications associated to poison.


David Brom, killed his whole family using an ax. This heartless kid showed up to school the next day and acted as if nothing bad had happened.

Ver imágenes


Shirley Wolf, a 14-year-old teenage and Cindy Collier, a 15-year-old girl, murdered 85-year old Anna Brackett. They killed Anna just to have fun.


Jordan Brown murdered his father’s pregnant girlfriend. While there is no known reason, authorities suspect it was trauma from his parent divorcing. With such an innocent face who would imagine this boy would become an assassin monster.


Eric Smith, a 13-year-old boy who admitted he had murdered a 4-year-old boy named Derrick Robbie. This kids went into disgusting detail during his confession. For some people, criminals are not made, but born.


Alyssa Bustamante murdered and buried a 9-year-old neighbor. The 15-year-old confessed she did that for ta thrill.


This 11-year old, Mary Bell strangled and killed two boys. This sad crime occurred in 1968. As this wasn’t enough she carved an “M” into one of her victims. On her confession she said “I like hurting people…. I squeezed his neck and then pushed up his lung, that’s how you kill them”


This might be the craziest one on the list. Since Carl Newton, a 6-year-old boy killed his friend Cecil Van Hoose after Cecil stole some scrap metal from him.

These kids shows that even a young innocent mind is able to commit such horrible things like murdering.

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THIS WOMAN TRANSFORMED AFTER BEING ARRESTED 23 TIMES Mon, 12 Sep 2016 21:23:41 +0000 Human social system teach every single person to follow the rules as this is one of the easiest wat to keep order by creating an image of authority among others. While some people might have problems with authorities over the years it is rarely becomes a patter. However, escaping from legal problems becomes nearly impossible as their lives would never be the same father the first arrest.


Sarah Wulchak of Vousia Country, Florida ha been arrested  23 tomes between 2003 and 2014. This woman was arrested five times in 2013 alone. He has been charged from drug possession to violent domestic battery.

October 27, 2003


Despite of being arrested so many times, her mugshots shows another level of physical decline as the years past and she gets arrested again.

June 9, 2005


Charged again for possession of drug paraphernalia, this woman’s expression represent the tragic tale of someone who cannot get out of her own way

July 2, 2005


After so many arrest she got the pulic’s attention. Her troubled story with law has grainted her a little bit of popularity since she gor arrested againg for biting of a chink of her bofriend’s ear.

March 3, 2016


Over the years her mugshots have been showed more soft, as she has a resigned look. This is the firs mugshot of her using glasses. Despite all they way through she now seems older.

October 23, 2006


Ver imágenes

This time with every arrest, it is apparent that Sarah wont learn the lesson.

May 18 2007


On this mugshot Sarah seem to be hardened over the past years, and looks older thatn any woman in her early 30s

April 18, 2010


Sarah looking stunned and defiant in others. She now has a clearly face that shows her lifestyle.

July 6, 2011


The effects of alcohol and drugs alongside such dificult live are worn on her face. Now waitting to continue her out of control life.

January 8, 2013


Wulhak appears to be peaceful and calm. Though we know life is really nothing like that.

February 20, 2013


This mugshot is particulary disturbing as her repressed smile seems maniacal gaze.

December 2013


While no other people on the world can achieve the goal of getting arrested so many times, as usually criminals get jailed forever. However, her mugshots over the past decade are a sad reminder that choice we make have a lasting effect on our life.

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GUY PUSHES HIS GIRLFRIEND OUT OF A PLANE IN MID-AIR. THIS ACT OF COURAGE SAVED HER LIFE. Mon, 12 Sep 2016 02:16:49 +0000 Facing your fears by own will is by far one of the bravest thing to do in life before you past away. Since by doing this could mean a great life-achievement. Even though you have to face your worst fears there is always a point of return, but for some people there is only two options, face your fears and fight or just die.


A father-of-three has been hailed a hero after he saved his girlfriend’s life by throwing her out of an airplane in mid-air to a lake moment before he died in the crash. This said story shows that not all heroes wear capes.

Reginald Hilard Jr died on his first plane ride along with the pilot of the air-plane. This sinister case happened while a rainstorm that causes the airplane to crash into Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans, Louisiana.

His girlfriend Briana Davis was picked up by a private yacht that happens to be in the same place right after the crash. Briana told his boyfriend’s family that he saved her life by throwing her out of the plane moments after the aircraft crashes. Sadly, Reginald and the pilot didn’t survive.


On Tuesday, Brianna Davis surprised her 25-year-old boyfriend, Reginald Hillard Jr with tickets to take an aerial view from a plane. Despite Reginald was afraid of flying and this was his first fly, he decided to not let pass up this opportunity with his girlfriend and get over his fear to height.

Right after the aircraft took off, a rainstorm hit the plane causing it to loose height. The plane started to go down about half a mile away from the runway. As the aircraft was plummeting towards the lake Pontchartrain. Reginald pushed his girlfriend out of the airplane to save her from the inevitable demise. Right after the plane crashed, killing both Reginald and the pilot of the plane.


There were no calls for help before the plane crashed and an investigation is still ongoing. Also human mistake was discarded as the pilot was an experienced flyer but he made no calls for help during the crash.


Despite Davis was taken to the hospital and remained as the only survivor, she and her family said Reginald die a hero for such a brave act.

“He is the hero; he was a hero living. You know, he died that wat” Said Yolanda White, a Reginald’s relative. As the family is hoping to find strength in this harrowing time we are sure that Reginald will be remembered for such a heroic act.

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