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Teenagers are DYING because of this STUPID game

Most of kids will not recognize danger even if it is behind them, and choking them with an arm on their throat. That is the base of the terribly “choking game”, which is getting really popular nowadays because it provides the choked kid a short moment of euphoria and a …

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Teenager confesses that he killed his friend on Snapchat

Nowadays, almost every person in the world has an account on any social media; companies like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are no strange to youngster these days. Snapchat is one of the trendiest apps of the last few years, where you can talk to your friends and share your memories for …

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Irresponsible driver creates panic at the school bus

Why you should not drive drunk? Many drivers do not realize that they are not fit to drive because they have a false sense of well-being, drunk people think they are driving good when the reality is different, the action of alcohol is immediate and more when it has not …

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Mexican teachers turned into professional wrestlers!

In the whole world, teachers are a synonym of being impeccable and respectable role models: they are big inspirations and play an important part of our education and own growth. However, this year on July, we have seen a very different face from a group of Mexican teachers.   The …

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