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The new Netflix series “Narcos” is about the sprouting of cocaine trafficking from Colombia in the 80s, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria who was at the beginning of the story a recognized dealer of merchandise in the Colombian province of Antioquia he and his cousin Gustavo Gaviria achieved a reputation within …

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Schoolgirl threats her teacher with a stun gun.

On the last months, news have been flowed with many cruel events around the world: massive killings, natural disasters, domestic assaults, wars and terrorist incidents. Moreover, violence is even present in common surroundings like schools; we cannot get off that easily from that spectrum that surrounds us. On August 26, …

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A group of policemen to catch just only ONE girl

  Just imagine: you are in a normal random day, eating dinner, having some drinks or eating ice cream when a group of police officers enters the local and corner up a teenage girl. What is happening, you may ask. Soon later, we can see that the girl starts freaking …

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Pedophile is tricked and gets caught!

We all may have heard the saying: ‘we see the faces, but we don’t know the hearts’, and this is applicable to everyone, especially with offenders. Around history, there’ve been countless cases of men who appeared to have a normal life, with no suspicious signs of anything wrong, but later …

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