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The bra issue: wear it or not to wear it?

Being a woman is very hard. It is kinda the entire world is against you. I mean, our body is always changing especially when we don’t want it to change; our variable feelings sometimes make us a fierce daemon and sometimes a weeping Magdalen and there is nothing we can …

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Do you Imagine yourself swimming in a pink lagoon?

Our planet Earth keeps wonderful and mysterious places that you probably don’t know they exist, such as the lake in the village of Las Coloradas, a few hours from Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. It is a spectacular pink lake like something out of science fiction, it is not …

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Crazy things you experience after getting dumped..

Many of us know the situation: you have been dating this special one for a while, but the time comes and nothing last forever. Breaking up these days is even more frequent than in days past, when people used to think seriously before dating someone. Read and identify yourself with …

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