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25 Evidences of dumbness… Or Genius?

Sometimes lack of time or resources can take people to solve the problems of everyday quickly and creatively, we often find people who make wonderful things, worthy to be patented. But there are also those who should use condoms all their life so that their shit does not reproduce with …

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The best T-shirts to wear around chismosas!!!

Summer is here, and so is its hot, moist weather. These days, you just want to walk in as less as possible, and as going out naked is not well seen, what’s better than a good ol’ t-shirt? Fresh and light, and everybody loves them. Could them get any better? …

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Things every dad says. Isn’t this true??

No matter how hard you try to make them cool, fathers will be fathers, and so they have some responsibilities to fulfill. Apparently there is a clause on their contract which forces them to say certain things to you. How many have you been told? “When I was your age …

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Signs you’re a BIG CHISMOSA!!

Gossiping is not the funniest thing to do with a tongue, but it entertains girls – and some boys – a lot. It is so common that we often pass the limits and might get in big trouble. How many times have you been embarrassed of what you say? How …

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We all have that one friend?

Loyal companions, partners in crime, that shoulder to cry on… friends are the family you can choose, and we love them. Even if sometimes they are hard to cope with. How many of these friends type do you have? Or how many of them have you been? I’ll be there …

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